Back in the Game


So if you’ve been keeping up with things around here, you know that I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with my eating/working out/everything. And, after today, I think I’m finally back in the game.

It all started Friday. I had a pretty good day at school, where I subbed in a 2nd grade class. After school let out, I headed straight to the gym and got in a sub-par run and some pretty good weight training. I got some pretty bad side stitches during my run and squeezed out a mile before and another mile after strength training. I came home and showered because Matt and I had tickets to the opera. Yes, our little town even has an opera company! I don’t really know too much about it, but this weekend that had two performances of The Pirates of Penzance, which I had never seen. It was pretty funny and I really enjoyed myself. I missed going to live performances – something I did several times a week in college and really took for granted.

Friday nights dinner came from this magazine


and was pretty delicious. It’ll be up on the blog later in its own post. Promise.

Saturday was a pretty great day. I had rehearsal Cinderella at 10, so I woke up a little before that to eat breakfast and fix coffee. Rehearsal went really well – it was so nice to be making music and meeting new people. I had to run a few errands after rehearsal, including weighing in during my WW center’s open hours. I’m up 1.2 lbs, which I totally expected given that I hadn’t tracked for almost 2 weeks, eaten like crap for those 2 weeks, and had only worked out a few times since my last meeting. I’m feeling really good so far this week though.

I also went into Borders looking for a wedding planner/organizer, but they’re a little overwhelming. I have a gift card, so I’m not too worried about using my own $$, and I have coupons so I won’t pay full price. They just all seem so similar, I can’t tell which is “best.” Any suggestions?

Matt and I headed to the gym later in the afternoon where I ran 3 great miles. Check it out.

run 1 15 11

I didn’t get any strength training in because I was still a bit sore from Bodyblast class on Tuesday.

I’ve made a Google Doc of my strength training log. I’m hoping to update it after every workout. Check it out!

Today has been a lovely, lazy Sunday. I made it a rest day – mostly because I was way to comfortable in my pj’s to leave the warm apartment and head out into the cold. No worries, I’ve got a workout planned for tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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