It would seem that my brain still thinks I’m on vacation, even though I’m back home in my itty bitty apartment.

I got in around noon yesterday and went out to lunch with Matt at Thyme Square, a great little restaurant downtown that features a seasonal menu with food from local farmers. I got the veggie flatbread, which changes daily based on what is available.


Yesterday it had a mushroom puree base topped with mushrooms, red peppers, greens, goat cheese, and olives that got picked off. Yum.

But let’s back up a bit to Christmas morning. I snapped a few picture of my family while we were opening presents. Not too many, though, because I was too busy enjoying the day!


iPod touch! (and another photographer)




Wait, that’s not a Christmas present!






Wearing some new knitwear from yours truly.



My sister is a reindeer. And rockin’ her cute new bangs.



On the train yesterday coffee was required. I left at 7:54, which meant I woke up around 6.  I started knitting a hat on the ride – this was about 30 minutes worth of progress.


Extreme close-up!



Aaaand here it is 3 hours later. I have, like, 3 more rows until it’s ready to keep someone’s head warm.


Needless to say, it was a very exciting train ride. I nearly killed my iPod battery during the 4 hours. And I still haven’t charged it yet. Oops.


This morning it was back to good old oatmeal for breakfast – even though I was supposed to break up with it.


In my new snowman bowl!


With (microwave) baked apples w/cinnamon. Yum.


Everything together. Plus a spoonful of peanut butter, duh.



After that I had to hurry up and get dressed so I could take Sterling to his last vet appt – hopefully for a long, long time.  Unfortunately, he now stinks and needs a bath. Ew. He had to stay there for a few hours while they tried to get a, um, sample from him to check if his UTI was gone. What didn’t happen during all this waiting was me getting to the gym. It didn’t happen after I picked him up, either. Boo on me.

I took the time to do some grocery shopping. The fridge was pretty bare, save for eggs, bad salad, and leftover Christmas ham. After that I came home and waited for the vet to call. I made some lunch, and then waited some more.

The next two days will consist of cleaning the apartment top to bottom and getting all the Christmas gifts (and other junk) put away. Finally. And also some running. It’s been a week since I did any activity and my body is starting to get comfortable with that. I, however, am not.

I’ve also got my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in tomorrow night, and I’m not quite sure what to expect. If I gain, I’m ok with that. But I’d be much more ok with a loss. Smile

I’ll keep you posted on what happens tomorrow – good or bad.

Happy almost new year!

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