Christmas Wrapping


The Waitresses–Christmas Wrapping

Anyone else remember the Spice Girls version? Just me? Ok.

I had a pretty early wakeup call, thanks to this little guy.

jaelyn 050

Cheapest alarm clock ever. As long as you like to wake up at 7am.


I had a pretty slow start this morning. Scrambled an egg, toasted an Arnold thin, and fixed a bowl of grapes this morning. Oh, I made a pot of coffee too. That’s a Saturday  morning staple.

You may have noticed (I hope) that Running with Needles looks a little different today than it did last time you stopped by. I have been wanting to give it a facelift for a while now but the mood finally struck this morning. So I spent the better part of the morning (and afternoon) trying on themes, playing around with widgets, and getting really really confused reading about custom CSS. Eventually I’d love to be self-hosted and learn to edit code and stuff. But for now I’m loving the highly (and easily) customizable “twenty ten” theme from WordPress. It’s pretty awesome, dontcha think?

Anywho, now I’ve got all these fancy schmancy tabs up top there, with drop downs that took me probably 2 hours to figure out. Don’t they look nice? I am working on getting the Points values on my recipes switched over to the new Points Plus – but it ain’t gonna happen today.

I think I got most of the kinks out and spiffed it up nice, but if there’s anything you’d like to see (or not see) please, please let me know.

After playing around with WordPress and widgets for too many hours, I finally left the house to go workout. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, and it felt pretty good. I had wanted to do 4, but I paused my Nike+ to catch a breath and it turned off on me.  I saw that as a sign.


run 12 18 10

3 miles in 30:16? I’ll take it!

After that I beat up my legs for 30 minutes. They are already sore. I see foam rolling in my future.

  Sets Reps Weight
Squats 3 15 18lb body bar
Calf Raise* 3 30  
Reverse Calf Raise 3 15 9lb body bar (on toe)
Plié Squat 3 15  
Split Squats 3 15 (each leg) 18lb body bar
Hip Abduction 3 15 80lb
Hip Adduction 3 15 65lb
Seated Leg Curl 3 15 50lb

*Side note: There are 30 reps for calf raises because I point my toes a different direction each time. 1 – toes facing front, parallel, 2 – toes turned out, 3 – toes pointed in. This way you hit each muscle in the calf – both heads of the gastrocnemius and the deeper soleus.

Lunch was a lovely (unpictured) bowl of Panera’s black bean soup that Matt had picked up for me – and I didn’t even ask! What a great fiancé Smile

I had planned on doing some shopping today, but I really wasn’t in the mood for crowds and spending too much money after a long workout. My bank account thanked me.

And I finally started (and nearly finished) my Christmas wrapping. I just need to wash a few knitted items, which I’ll do when I get to my mom’s house (she’s got Woolite and free laundry!) and pick up a few gift bags. But I’m 85% finished. Hooray! I won’t be taking wrapped gifts on the train with me because there’s just no room, so Matt will be loading everything in his car when he drives up Friday.

Tonight’s dinner was brought to you by the word: Leftovers.


Rice/shrimp/veggies from dinner at Fuji last night and stir-fry veggies from a few days ago. They eventually hooked up in the big bowl.

Today I’m playing in the community band for a Christmas concert. I’m hoping it’s going to be lots of fun. And then Matt and I are opening presents! Nothing better than starting Christmas a week early!

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