Better Late than Never


I only worked a 1/2 day today, but didn’t make it into the gym until almost 5:30! The delay was a combo of being busy in the kitchen and wasting time on the internet. Mostly wasting time, lol. But it’s better late than never, right?

My plan was to run, do some strength, run, strength, run.

run 12 17 10 1

Run #1

run 12 17 19 2

Run #2

I had hoped to run a 3rd mile after completing my strength circuit, but Matt texted me and wanted to go out for some dinner.

Here’s my strength circuit. Today was focused on back and biceps.

  Sets Reps Weight
Pushups (knee) 3 15  
Reverse fly 3 15 5lb dumbbells
Lat pull-down 3 15 40lb
Row 3 15 30lb
Superman’s 3 15  
Bicep curls 3 15 10lb dumbbells
Hammer curls 3 15 7.5lb dumbbells


Thursday night dinner. It was pretty awesome.




And a preview of what went down in my kitchen yesterday afternoon.


I didn’t have such a great time at my Weight Watchers meeting this week. I’m up 1.6 lbs. (#$*%) and can’t really pinpoint why. I’m going to change up my breakfasts this week (bye oatmeal!) and try to get in more veggies and not as much fruit.

The meeting topic this week was more about the Points Plus program and how to deal with the holidays. Nothing too terribly exciting, but good to talk about anyway. Next week I will be going to a meeting near my parents house and will hopefully have a loss to report!

What have you done lately that better late than never?

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