Lazy Days


Hot Chocolate 15k/5k

I saw this posted on another blog and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a video of the Hot Chocolate 15k I did last month and it’s pretty neat. Sadly, I couldn’t find myself, but if you find me in there somewhere I’ll send you a prize!

Coffee before work yesterday. I love anything that comes in a holiday cup!



For moi?


Clif was sending these free (via twitter) a few weeks back and of course I asked for one.


Their new Clif Crunch in the Honey Oat flavor.


There’s actually 2 bars in here, and the nutritionals aren’t too bad  – 180 cals, 7g fat, 3g fiber, 4g protein. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with the low protein count – I usually can count on Clif to up the content. But for only 5 Points Plus values, it’s not too bad as far as bars go.

Last nights dinner:


Salad w/feta, craisins, walnuts, oil & red wine vinegar


Leftover pork chop (w/BBQ sauce) and potato w/salsa.


Dessert: peppermint tea and choc chip cookies. Mmmm.


Matt and I had a pretty lazy night in – we popped some popcorn and watched the first half of White Christmas. We only saw half because we fell asleep in the middle. I was pretty tired after a long week.

Today has been pretty lazy so far as well. I did clean up and organize some of my yarn and knitting stuff. I had needles tossed everywhere and a few projects I unraveled because I knew I’d never finish them.

I’m very close to being finished with my holiday knitting. There’s one project that I can’t completely finish without a sewing machine, so I’ll have to wait until I’m at my mom’s house to finish it. I also realized that I better start knitting like a mad woman to use up my stash of yarn. It’s gotten a bit out of hand.

I’m hoping to write this weeks Weight Watchers post later today, so keep an eye out for it.

Until then, I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far!

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