Another Monday


Mondays always seem so long and dreadful. I don’t know why. Maybe because I realize how much I didn’t get done over the weekend? How many things are still on my to-do list?

I wanted to blog last night, but Comcast service was out and I decided to read a bit before bed instead.

Some of yesterdays eats:


First orange in a long time.


Vanilla ice cream – boring!


My first butternut squash!


I was very happy to wake up knowing that I was working today. Working is always a great way to start my week off (though some of you may disagree, haha). I had a fun time today in a 2nd grade class. I’m pretty lucky in that I’m their sub the next two days as well. I also met one of the district music teachers today who asked if I’d like to play in the pit orchestra for the upcoming community theater performance of Cinderella. Um, yeah! She is supposed to be bringing me the book tomorrow. Yay – a reason to get out my flute and play! I may also be playing with the community band in their Christmas concert in a few weeks, I just need to get in contact with someone.

Making new connections and possible taking steps (albeit baby ones) towards a full-time, fulfilling job make me so happy!

I had totally planned on being at the gym for an hour or so today – 30 minutes cardio, then legs and abs.

Then I checked my phone and the sick (w/strep) fiancé texted to ask me to bring home some orange juice and more Sprite. So after about 30 minutes on the stepper and elliptical I left the gym and ran to the store. The things I do for love, lol.

Tonight’s dinner was baked sweet potatoes and this salmon from Skinny Taste. Both were super delicious. There are 2 pcs of salmon leftover and I’m definitely bringing one for lunch tomorrow. Along with the last of the butternut squash. Seriously, why did I wait so long to try one? They’re delicious!

I was pretty bored tonight – Matt’s spent most of the evening in bed trying to feel better (at least enough to work tomorrow) so I’ve been hanging out in the kitchen/living room. Then this happened.



See? Chocolate chip cookies – all is right with the world.

I only made a half batch because I’m out of flour! I literally had just enough to make these and leave a dusting in the canister. That means I’ll have just about 3 dozen cookies to get rid of instead of 6 dozen.

Now I’m off to pack tomorrow’s lunch and gym bag (I will be doing strength tomorrow!) and maybe a cup of tea before bed.

Hope you all had a sweet Monday too!

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