Last minute 5k


A while ago I had bookmarked links for nearby races, but never signed up for any of them. I knew there was a Jingle Bell 5k this morning but debated whether or not to do it – you never know what the weather will be like this time of year and I didn’t want to be committed to running if it was 20 degrees or snowing.

jingle bell 5k

When I woke up this morning the weather was looking pretty good – about 36 degrees, overcast but not too windy or snowing.

Perfect weather for a race, right? (And how could I resist adding another bib number to my race board?)

The start and finish lines were in the parking lot of the mall – which just so happens to be about 1.5 miles from my apartment. The perfect distance for a warm-up.

I bundled up with tights, long sleeve base layer (C9 from Target), and a sweatshirt. I didn’t know if the race shirts were short- or long-sleeved (the website didn’t have much info). Turns out is was a cute long sleeved tee. Since I ran there and had no place to stash anything, I threw the shirt on.

This was also in our goodie bag, and I threw it on so I could jingle along with everyone else. Fun run, indeed.

Registration was held inside the mall, which was nice and toasty. Everything was pretty organized and I’d say there were probably about 250 participants in the race.

We headed outside about 10 minutes before the start to stretch. There was someone leading stretches, but I did my own thang. I was already pretty much warmed up anyway.

The gun went off and I went out at a nice easy pace. There was about 15 – 20 minutes between the end of run #1 and the start of the 5k, so my legs were feeling good. The course was pretty nice – mostly through a park, out and back with a loop for the majority of mile 2. There were a few times that I though about taking a short walk break, but I knew I really didn’t need to. I don’t know my official time (I think just over 30 min) but I wasn’t really running for time anyhow. It supported the Arthritis Foundation, and was close to home.

I took about 15 minutes after the race to cool down (and warm up) in the mall. They had bananas, apples, generic Oreos, and water to eat. I just grabbed a banana and a bottle of water. I though about grabbing an apple too, but they were red delicious and I really don’t like those much. After I was sufficiently re-hydrated and warm, I put my earmuffs and gloves back on and headed for home. In total, I ran about 6.25 miles today. Not too shabby.

(Side note: if anyone want to get me this for Christmas, I’ll love you forever. I totally could have used it today.)

I came home to a sick fiancé. He’s been feeling down the last couple days, but I think it all finally hit him last night. He’s barely moved out of bed all day and requested that I pick him up some chicken soup, sprite and a thermometer when I went out shopping today.

Shopping included 2 grocery store stops (Aldi and Wal-mart) where I loaded up on fruits and veg for the week. Seriously, I love Aldi. I bought loads of stuff there today and spent less than $40. Score.

Lunch was from Panera – bowl of black bean soup (delish) and a whole grain baguette.  I think the baguette was a bad idea – I felt super bloaty and weird about 15 minutes after finishing it.

I haven’t really done much this afternoon. I’ve been staying away from the sickie and have watched many hours of Harry Potter on ABC family.

I eventually made dinner.


The last of the leftover rice w/some reduced fat feta. Sounds weird, tastes good.


Sliced up tomato and some salad w/balsamic and olive oil.

Tip: always put the vinegar on your salad before the oil. The food will soak up the flavor better.

Plans for tonight: working on some holiday knitting and watching more Harry Potter. And maybe some reading. We’ll see.

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