Weekend Wrap-up


This weekend has been a fairly boring one, as far as weekends go. I didn’t have to go out of town (score!) and didn’t have anything too pressing to do.

There were 2 big craft fairs going on in town this weekend and I made plans with a friend to go to one of them Saturday morning.


There were probably about 100 vendors there and I did get a few small things for Christmas. But I have to say that I was a smidge disappointed that there was SO MUCH Christmas themed stuff. Not bad for $3 admission though.

They did have a huge ceramic village set up in the foyer that was cool.


I came home and relaxed a bit before doing a bit of grocery shopping. I then came home and made a huge pot of chili for the week.

After that was done and waiting to be put away, I got very lazy. It was a chilly day and I wanted nothing more than to stay in the house wrapped in a blanket. And that’s precisely what I did the rest of the evening.

Last night I came very close to not working out for the 2nd day in a row. Then around 7pm I decided that I needed to get my body moving and burn some calories. I knew I would feel much better after I did. I was craving some yoga tonight, but wanted to blast a few more calories before I got my yoga on.

Circuit 1

  • lunges & bicep curls w/5lb dumbbells – 15 reps per leg
  • squat & shoulder press w/5lb dumbbells – 20 reps
  • plié squat w/10lb dumbbell – 20 reps
  • Cardio blast – 30 sec. each high knees and butt kicks

Circuit 2

Circuit 3

I did each circuit twice through for a kick-butt 30 minute workout. My lower half is DEFINITELY feeling it today. I followed it up with this DVD via Netflix:

Yes, it looks super cheesy on the cover. It actually was the best yoga DVD I’ve done in a while – perfect for a cool down or to relax before bed.

Now, whenever I’m trying out a new fitness DVD I try to watch it through first, just to make sure I have any equipment on hand and to be sure there are no crazy moves. And to make sure it doesn’t totally suck – which is often the case with the streaming collection on Netflix.

I went to bed feeling super relaxed and read couple chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before shutting off the light and getting some sleep.

Today was super lazy. I got up around 8 – the cat doesn’t let me sleep much later than that!


I made some oatmeal and caught up on blog reading and TV-watching. Super exciting stuff.

This week is a short one – I’m heading up to Chicago on Wednesday for Thanksgiving and will be there until Sunday! I’m hoping that my long weekend will be full of fun stuff (hint, hint) and most definitely shopping.  I am so excited! Thanksgiving is the official (for me) start of the holiday season – which means tons of fun and family time!

What are your Thanksgiving plans – staying home or heading out of town?

1 thought on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. dad

    Holiday Plans, duhh. I am looking forward to seeing my little turtle girl though. Be careful driving up , we miss you guys. love and kisses


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