Potter and Oats


No, that’s nothing like these guys.

Great song for running to, BTW

So Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Pt. 1) – amazing. I felt like they really got back to the roots and were quite true to the novel.  I didn’t feel like I was sitting through a nearly 2 1/2 hour movie and they ended it on a perfect cliffhanger, but not such a cliffhanger that you wanted to yell at the screen. I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing this one again before it leaves theaters. Seriously, go see it. It’s awesome.



We bought our tickets a couple weeks ago from the theater (take that, Fandango fees!) and arrived to see a semi-long line. We opted to wait in the car until the line started moving. I think we were outside for maybe 10 minutes and since we already had tickets we were able to go right into the theater. There were actually 3 seats together not too close to the screen. I did make the wise decision to run over to McDonalds and grab a large coffee to bring with me. I think that may have been a contributing factor in my staying until 3am.

Getting up for work was definitely a bit of a struggle this morning. The fact that its Friday and I can wear jeans helped a lot. So did a pot of coffee and a bowl of oats.


I had another easy sub day today, which I was very glad for given my late night. Lunch was an (unpictured) yummy turkey and cheddar sandwich, carrots & ranch and a Jell-o dulce de leche pudding. Yum. (No picture because I was in the teacher’s café.)

I had a pretty lazy, lovely afternoon. I caught up on this week’s DVRed tv (Glee was awesome) and contemplated doing many things that need to be done. I did actually do a load of laundry and just started dinner. Grilled chicken breast, some frozen mixed veggies and fat-free refried beans w/cheese. Lots of protein, but very delicious. I have been on a refried bean kick lately – maybe because they are so easy to just heat and eat? I love them with a little Mexican blend cheese melted on top.

Now I’m off to chow down and have a nice evening in – hope you are enjoying your Friday night!

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