Running Wednesday


Yesterday the weather was beautiful. So instead of driving to the gym to do my strength training, I ran there.

run 11 17 10 2


And after about 30 minutes of weight training, I ran back home.

run 11 17 10 1

It was a chilly 43 degrees yesterday afternoon when I went running, so I just threw on a fleece over my t-shirt and some earmuffs to keep my head warm. I probably could have also used some gloves, but since I knew I’d only be running for about 20 minutes I figured I’d be okay. 

Matt and I went out for an anniversary dinner at Fuji for some sushi. It was delicious – I got a tuna roll, an Alaskan roll (salmon, avocado, cucumber) and a sweet potato roll. Yum.

After dinner I headed to the shopping center. I had an awesome 30% off coupon for Old Navy and 20% off at Kohl’s and those stores just happen to be right next to each other. How (in)convenient for my wallet. Old Navy had some really great deals – all of their clearance items were an additional 50% off! I scored 3 really cute tops, each less than $6. I also found a pair of skinny jeans that I’ll probably rock tonight at the Harry Potter premiere.  I didn’t have as much luck at Kohl’s. I got a pair of cute purple tights and an adorable outfit for our nephew for Christmas.

This morning started with a lovely bowl of oats eaten quickly so I wouldn’t be late for school.


Not from today, but pretty much the same.

Today will be equally busy. I’m working, then I’m meeting with an admissions person at the University here about starting a masters (yay!). After that I will hopefully have time for a workout, then there’s Weight Watchers at 5:30 (I’m really, really hoping some a loss this week) and then at midnight – Harry Potter! I know I’m a huge nerd for going to the midnight show but, I must confess, I’ve never been to a midnight opening for any movie before. I’m pretty excited and hopefully will get a nap in this afternoon so I’ll be able to stay awake and then work tomorrow!

Are you doing anything exciting this week/weekend?

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