Halfway Through


I cannot believe that the month of November is already half over – and that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! Let’s take a look at how I’m doing with my monthly goals, shall we?

1. Blog more. I really do love it and have some interesting ideas for upcoming posts. Also, Windows Live Writer and figuring out how to schedule posts (duh) makes it LOTS easier. I’m doing pretty well with this goal, I think.  This weekend things kind of went out the window with being out of town (again!) but I plan on getting back to business this week.

2. Work out at least 4 times a week. Normally this isn’t too difficult, but with several weekends out of town and the holidays approaching I know my normal routine is going to get thrown out of whack. This has been going really well.  Last week I got in 4 workouts exactly, and will definitely get at least 4 in this week (but probably more to make up for the last 4 days).

3. Make some progress on wedding planning. We started a working guest list over the weekend but know that there are more people that need to be added (parents friends, extended family, etc.). At least it’s a start, right? Um, not really. Our working date is so far away that there is no urgency.  And we haven’t sat down to talk about narrowing down reception sites and budget.

4. Go meatless (almost). I’m not saying I’m giving it up entirely – I don’t think I could do that with my meat-loving fiancé. But I am going to try to do more meatless breakfasts, lunches, and solo dinners. I know there are so many great protein-packed, non-meat options out there. And I think I’m finally going to try to cook tofu!  Also going well! Haven’t bought any tofu yet, but I’ve been eating lots of eggs and beans. Roasted chickpeas & BBQ are the best. combo. ever.

So, I’ve got 15 days to keep up with my goals. I also want to get back to setting some weekly goals as well.

This past weekend Matt & I headed to our hometown for the wedding of a college friend of his. It was a pretty fun time and the open bar was nice Open-mouthed smile

I didn’t work out at all this weekend. I brought my running things with and totally planned on getting out for a few miles Saturday and Sunday morning. Yeah, not so much. We met Matt’s dad for some brunch and Sunday my ankle was not feeling it after hitting up the dance floor the night before. So I made the (not so) difficult decision to stay in bed a while longer. And today? My ankle is feeling awesome. I will definitely be working out after work tomorrow afternoon. I have a lot of French fries and vodka/sodas to work off.

I’ll leave you with some of the professional pictures from the Hot Chocolate 15k that I ran on November 6th.

15k 215k 315k 415k 5

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