Playing Catch-Up

This weekend was such a whirlwind. It felt so long yet went by so fast. It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it?

I got lucky with subbing this week and will be working every day (except Thursday, which is Veteran’s Day) and will thus be bringing home the moola. That also means less time to read/write blogs, workout, and do other fun stuff. Like watching the Today Show in my jammies sipping coffee. Priorities, people.

Oh, I did finally get to show my family the engagement ring this weekend. When we last went home it was away getting sized and they were very impressed with Matt’s jewelry buying skills.  I can’t to show everyone at Thanksgiving.

Yesterday was a weights day at the gym – the first since Thursday. I worked back/biceps/abs and am feeling it today. I also ran a bit on the treadmill, mixed in with walking. I felt surprisingly good and am just feeling a bit sore in the legs today.  After the gym I came home and fixed some dinner. I was super hungry after that workout.


Tomato soup w/parmesan, whole grain baguette


Roasted veggies & chickpeas (my new favorite) and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce


Dessert – a treat from Saturday’s Hot Chocolate 15k/5k


And caught up on blog reading with this lump next to me.


Tonight’s workout was a let-down. I had planned on doing cardio and then legs. But the gym was so hot I left after 30 minutes of cardio.

Tomorrow’s plan: run 2 – 3 miles, work legs w/lots of squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Fun.

What’s on your workout agenda for this week?

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