Trains and Martinis


I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Tuesday! I’m such a slacker!

I’m currently on an Amtrak train headed to visit my family (and run a race) for the weekend. If only they had wi-fi I would be a super happy camper.Flirt male

My head was not in the right place this week. I had all day Tuesday to do laundry, , grocery shop, and start packing for this weekend. Did I? Nope. Did I do that stuff on Wednesday? No way! I left it all to the last minute yesterday and turned down work because I had so much to do.  Ok, turning down money because I was lazy – that was a kick in the butt. I realized that I need to refocus myself and start being more productive and try to find more teaching work.

I was successful in completing my to-do list yesterday, including a fun birthday get-together for my friend Mary at the martini bar. Those two words are a dangerous combination for this girl here, and I had a very  good time.

Here’s some photographic evidence:


The birthday girl and her other half.


More friends


I think he’s trying to avoid the camera?


Cosmo. I don’t care if it’s clichéd, it’s also delicious.



I have no idea what’s going on here.

Looking like a very serious newsman.


Martini #2




I had never been to this bar before and I think I will definitely be going back. It had a really nice atmosphere – smallish, cozy, nice warm lights. We were sitting in a little back room that has a couch, loveseat, and several easy chairs. It backs up to the back of the bar, so you don’t even have to walk around to get more drinks – although the bartenders came through several times to make sure we didn’t need anything.  The drinks weren’t too bad price-wise either. My cosmo (w/Grey Goose) was $7 and my vodka martini (w/Absolut) was the same price. The menu is pretty extensive – I think they had about 20 or so specialty martinis on it.

When we got home I just had a little bit of packing left to do before heading to bed.  I like to have everything ready before I go to sleep, especially when I have to be up early, like this morning.

Currently I am enjoying this:


Thank you, Amtrak, for putting outlets on your trains so I can blog without losing power.

When this is posted I will be at my parents house!


When you travel do you plan ahead or leave everything to the last minute?

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