Meeting recap and weigh in


Holy Friday!

You may have noticed that I never did a weigh in post last week.  That’s because I had a nasty gain and really didn’t want to talk about it.  I was not in a good head place last week, but I have done some thinking and meditating on it and I am feeling much more clear-headed for the week to come.  I think a trip home is a motivating factor there!

First off, I lost 1.6 this week. That’s the good news! Bad news: because of my gain the week before (and not paying attention) I am only 0.6 down from my starting weight.  But you know what? I’m ok with that. It’s a negative number and I plan on having lots more of those in the future. 

Now here are my notes and thoughts on the weekly meeting.

All your hard work will pay off

  • tracking
  • good health guidelines (GHG’s)
  • exercise
  • going to meetings
  • asking for help

Have a plan for all of these things so you can be successful in your journey even when life gets in the way.

Weekly meeting topic: What is metabolism?

  • how your body burns calories for energy

How you can optimize your burn:

  • increase lean muscle (strength training)
  • increase your heart rate (cardiovascular exercise)

Resting metabolism accounts for 65 – 75% of your daily calorie burn – the other 25 – 35% comes from the food we eat and our daily activity.

Adults lose 1% of their lean muscle mass each year after they turn 40 – very interesting to think about and makes it even more important that we build lean muscle mass when we are younger.

Metabolism myths:

  • more exercise means you need to eat more (to a point – if you are training for something like a marathon then you will obviously need to replenish calories after longer runs. for most people with a moderate amount of activity they do not need to increase caloric intake. I like to just listen to my body after exercise and eat if it needs fuel.)
  • metabolism slows as you age – really due to loss of lean muscle mass and decreased activity

This weeks Weight Watchers Weekly pamphlet talked a lot about strength training – it’s something I think a lot of women (especially older women) neglect in their exercise routines.  They even included a simple get-started strength training plan that will work the entire body.

My leader sort of alluded to some of the changes that will be coming to weight watchers in the near future.  They usually come out with a new/updated plan around the new year, and this year there are supposedly BIG changes.  I have to say I’m excited.

Something to think about this week:

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – John Wooden/Maya Angelou

1 thought on “Meeting recap and weigh in

  1. Karen Diaz, RD

    I like what you said about fuel for exercise and listening to your body. Learning how your body reacts to types of foods, combinations of foods, and exercise it helps to plan during the day to avoid strong hunger cues and allows you to give your body what it needs in the moment.


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