Halloween Recap


Late to the party, as usual. I did actually go out this weekend. All three days, in fact, which is really unusual for us.

Friday was a local band playing at a dive bar way out of town/in the country. It was in an outdoor tent that wasn’t heated. I didn’t know that last fact. And it was about 48 degrees that evening.  Needless to say, we didn’t stay too long.

Saturday was pretty awesome.  We had a nice lazy morning, went to the gym for a short (but much needed) workout, and I had coffee!

The main event was a local concert event held out at the county fairgrounds. There were more than a dozen local bands playing many types of music. It was pretty cool – I just wish we had brought a cooler of food with us. We didn’t realize it was BYOB. They had water/pop/food for sale, but I could have brought water from home for free! Oh well. Best part – the ticket sale proceeds went to a local charity that promotes music in the schools!

Here’s some photos from the evening:


halloween 1


I went as – what else – a half-marathoner. Because I’m that lazy, lol.

halloween 2


Matt and I – he went as Mark Buehrle (white sox pitcher)



I think there’s a bit of a resemblance, don’t you?



View from my seat. I don’t remember which band is on stage here.



Later in the evening.  Matt hates taking pictures. That should make our wedding day fun, huh?



What’s on my knitting needles at the moment. I don’t know if I’ll keep this pair of socks or give it away. But it’s almost finished!



And some delicious pumpkin cookies I made (recipe coming soon).

Sunday: Met some friends for a few drinks because one had to work the weekend (evening) shift at the paper. Nothing too exciting, but did have some nice chat time after a busy weekend.

Right now? I’m getting ready to head to bed. No election night excitement for me! 


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