Weigh-in and Weekly Meeting Recap

You may have noticed (or not) that I never posted last week’s weigh-in results. And that is because I gained. Several pounds. I owned it, I know why (mostly) it happened, and I worked this week to reverse it. The results? I lost 1.4 this week!

I have to say I was a bit worried – Matt and I had gone out for pizza the night before and added some chips and guac to the mix as well. But this just shows that we need to trust our bodies and trust what we have done all week long.

I must apologize for not showing my face around this blog much the past week. I’ve actually subbed every day and worked out in the evening. Add in cooking, dishes, showering, and spending time with Matt to that mix and I haven’t had much blogging time. I decided to bring my laptop to school today to catch up on some blogging.

Matt and I actually enjoyed a home-cooked meal together last night, the first time since Sunday! He’s been busy with evening meetings so we haven’t had a chance to sit down together for a meal. And Wednesday night he was at work late and we went out for pizza (I so didn’t feel like cooking either).


Like pumpkin pie in a bottle. With 8.0% alcohol.


Oven fries – delish. One of my go-to sides.


Salmon fillets – I buy these guys pre-portioned in the freezer section. So easy for quick dinners.


The finished product – so tasty. Matt was praising me for my use of random spices on the fries (ground red pepper, rosemary, oregano, sea salt, pepper).


Onto my Weight Watchers meeting.

This weeks topic was about finding support in buddies. Although I feel like we just talked about this same thing a few weeks ago, it’s always important to find a good support system.

Our leader posed the question, “What has inspired you to keep coming (to meetings)?”

Here’s how some people in my meeting answered the question:

  • hearing about the successes of others
  • finding that people have the same struggles I do (losing slowly, temptations, etc.)
  • accountability to the leaders and group members

Then she asked another question, “How do we celebrate success?”

  • buy new clothes in a smaller size
  • go to the salon/spa
  • go out to dinner

I have to say I disagree with the last response. I didn’t say anything in the meeting because I didn’t feel like stirring things up (let’s face it, I would have), but I feel like rewarding yourself with food is just perpetuating the problems that got you to Weight Watchers in the first place. I can see how it would be more special, because you probably aren’t eating out as much anymore, but I still think that food rewards sometimes trigger something in us that leads to a bad place. We need to learn to reward ourselves (and calm ourselves, and destress, and celebrate) with things other than food. It’s a slippery slope, my friends.

So, wrap up of the meeting – Buddy up, find a support, and find more success.


What do you think has helped your success (weight loss, running, other goals)?

1 thought on “Weigh-in and Weekly Meeting Recap

  1. Ryan James

    Fun fact: Schlafly beer is brewed by the nephew of Phyllis Schlafly, famed opponent to the ERA.

    Therefore, every time you drink Schlafly beer, you take 40 cents out of every dollar a woman should be paid.


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