When I Should Have Known Better

Things I know I should not do before a run:

  • sit on my butt until 1 in the afternoon
  • eat too much (of anything, even the healthy stuff)
  • go shopping
  • play mind games

So I woke up Sunday morning with every intention of getting out for a run by noon. Which, yeah, I should go out earlier and avoid the heat/sun. Whatevs. I ended up catching up on blogs, reading the paper, watching the Law & Order: SVU marathon for a while before I convinced myself to leave the house. But before I started running I did a little shopping. I wanted to find a new pair of sunglasses for running (didn’t get any), got a few long-sleeve running tops (hopefully I can use them soon) and a new pair of convertible gloves/mittens for running. Yay!

It wasn’t til about 2:30 when I finally laced up my sneaks and started my run. The first couple miles were a struggle. I was feeling sluggish from eating too much too soon before the run and from not having stretched properly.  Around mile 3 things finally started to feel right and I was pretty steady for the remainder of the run. I took a Gu around mile 4 along with a nice walk break. It really re-energized me for the last 3 miles. (p.s. The chocolate outrage flavor is amazingly delicious. Like chocolate jell-o pudding.)

I stopped at Walgreens afterwards to get some Gatorade – I really felt like I needed the sugar & electrolytes. They had the 64oz on sale 2 for $5 so I got one fruit punch and one lemon-lime. I poured the fruit punch over ice when I got home and guzzled about 12 oz (slightly watered down) and it tasted sooo good. I don’t know if it really makes that big a difference but it definitely makes me feel better somehow.

Oh, here’s the Nike+ recap:

run 10 17 10

You can see in my pace that the first couple miles were shaky. Lesson learned people.


In other news, I worked again today (yay!) and had a pretty good strength/light cardio workout. I’m planning on running 3-4 miles tomorrow on the treadmill, hopefully working some speedwork in there. Dinner tonight was nothing special – just a baked potato loaded with salsa and a quickly-broiled piece of salmon. Just what I needed – carbs and protein.

It was a long, busy, tiring weekend and I’m so glad those will be gone soon.

Question of the day: what should I dress up as for Halloween? Matt and I would love to do a couple costume but we are so not creative in that department. Help!

1 thought on “When I Should Have Known Better

  1. Beth

    I have such a hard time getting out to run if I wait too long in the morning to go, so I totally hear you. In terms of halloween costume ideas, I have nothing! I am so bad at figuring that stuff out.


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