6 miles and OIAJ!


I can’t believe it’s already Monday night! I had a pretty lazy day, I’m not gonna lie. I did sub today, but it was only a half day and I was home by noon – and was able to eat lunch with Matt, who was home for his lunch break.

I had every intention of quickly writing out my meal plan & grocery list for the week (I’ll do a post on this sometime) by 1, 1:30, then would head out to shop. Yeah, not so much. I kept getting distracted by Twitter, blogs, adding music to my running playlist on iTunes. I didn’t leave the house until 4:00!

But let’s back up a little bit. I’ve been training for a 15k that’s coming up, and I did a 6 mile long run on Sunday. I really prefer to do long runs on Saturday so I have a whole day off before work to recover, but my work schedule didn’t work out.

I left for my run around noon, which probably wasn’t the greatest since it was almost 80 degrees outside – but nothing compared to the Chicago Marathon runners!

I was feeling really good when I went out for this run – I hadn’t done any exercise since Thursday’s 4-miler on the treadmill.  I had fresh legs, fresh air, and lots of crunchy leaves : )

Miles 1-3 were pretty much out and back, then I headed into downtown for the last little bit.  I ate one of these around mile 4 (about 45 minutes in).



Ew. I usually go for Gu but saw this at the store and thought I’d try it out. Boy am I glad I only bought one. It was too sweet and the consistency was not to my liking – syrupy and thinner than Gu.  I literally had to force myself to finish this, then swished some water in my mouth to get rid of the taste.  I think next weeks long run will need a Chocolate Outrage Gu so I can redeem myself.

The last couple miles were a little tough. I think it was due to the heat and sun more than anything else.  My first walk break (besides waiting to cross streets) was when I ate my gel, then again at mile 5.  Here’s the recap from Nike+ GPS:

run 10 10 10 


I was super hungry afterwards, and still was this morning. There was an empty peanut butter jar hanging out in my pantry.


You know what that means?



Oats in a jar! I love getting all the peanut butter from the jar – yum. I mixed some TJ’s dried cranberries and a little yogurt in here for extra protein/dairy. My kitchen was pretty empty before today’s grocery trip so there weren’t too many good things to mix in. But it was still delicious!


I stocked up on yummy oatmeal mix-ins today (maybe too many?) so look forward to many yummy bowls in the future.

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