Weekly Meeting Recap and Weigh In

I’m watching the Chicago Marathon (live from nbcchicago.com) right now and I’m getting sooo inspired. I’ll be going out for my scheduled 6 miles later today with all these marathoners in my thoughts.

Ok, back on topic. Last Thursday (yeah, I’m a little late) I had my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in.  My meetings have moved to a new location, from a church basement to the mall! I’m kind of excited, this means there’ll probably be more (younger) members.  The meeting room is a little bland right now, but they’re taking suggestions so in a few weeks I’m sure the wonderful ladies who work there will make it welcoming and warm.

This weeks topic was portion control, something I (and many people) struggled with. I still do have trouble with portions sometimes, but I have learned to really think before serving myself “danger” foods. 

In the Weight Watchers Weekly newsletter, and in the week 1 booklet, they show objects that one can reference for different serving sizes. Like a bagel = a cd, medium potato = light bulb, serving of meat = palm of your hand.



I think that these are great things to keep in mind when out at a restaurant or somewhere else outside your home. But I have gotten into the habit of using measuring cups/spoons when at home to get used to what proper servings look like. And you know what? 1 cup of pasta IS enough – especially when it’s bulked up with loads of veggies! Some of my favorite tips for keeping portions in check:

  • use smaller plates/bowls
  • get to-go boxes right away at restaurants
  • order the lunch or children’s portion
  • portion out snack foods into single-serving bags
  • only cook the portion that you need, or package up leftovers right away

I had a great week. I tracked everyday with e-tools, which is hasn’t happened in a while. I feel so much more in control when I track honestly about my food intake and exercise.

This week I lost 1.2 lbs – even though I had a piece of pizza and breadstick for dinner the night before and hadn’t been drinking enough water! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it feels so awesome to have the scale moving in the right direction.

What I’d like to accomplish this week:

  1. Drink more water. This is kind of tough to do when subbing – I never know when I’ll have time to run to the bathroom!  So I know I need to drink more in the evening to make up for it.
  2. Get more sleep! This has felt like a really long week, accompanied by some late (for me) nights. I’d like to get between 7-8 hours each night.
  3. Eat more vegetables. I eat a lot of fruit, because it’s both easy to grab-and-go, and it’s delicious and sweet.  I need to add more veggies back into my life.

So, 3 goals for the week. Plus my October goals. I can do it!


What goals have you set for the week/month?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Meeting Recap and Weigh In

  1. Katharine

    I found your blog through the WW boards but I’ve seen you on twitter through the #runchat and I think we both follow some of the same bloggers! Great post on portion control. I added you to my Google Reader…can’t wait to read more!


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