Working it Out


Happy Hump Day!

I did get a call to sub this morning, not for a teacher but for a para-professional (aide) with a student. I chose to decline. I’m scheduled to sub the next 2 days, I work my part-time job tonight (last weekday shift!) and my closet is filling up with dirty laundry that’s threatening to attack.00

But first! I was on Operation Beautiful yesterday. Well, my OB note was. I posted this several weeks ago and had kind of forgotten about it until Caitlin sent me a message on twitter to let me know I would be in Tuesday’s notes.


I posted this in a fitting room at Kohls. And ironically, in the room next to me there were two women doing some serious negative self-talk. They kept saying that things like, “this would look better without my big butt,” or, “I need to lose 10 lbs to wear this.” It makes me so sad to hear it. We all need to love ourselves as we are – or start making positive changes in our lives to get to a place where we can love ourselves.

Ok, moving on. I talked a while back about my new strength training book and routine. But I haven’t actually showed you what I’ve been doing. Well, wait no more. Here’s the first 2 weeks of the plan that I’ve already completed.

  Workout A, Week 1, Day 1 (9/20/10)    
    page # weight
1 Cable Core Press 295 10
2A Single-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg Deadlift 203 10
2B Dumbbell Row 78 10
3A Dumbbell Squat 203 10
3B Dumbbell Chest Press 52 10
  Workout B, Week 1, Day 2    
1 Plank – 30 seconds 279  
2A Dumbbell split squat 203 10
2B Lat pulldown (machine) 102 55
3A Dumbbell deadlift 250 10
3B Dumbbell shoulder press 120 10
  Workout A, Week 1, Day 3    
1 Fire Hydrant In-Out 282  
2A Single-Leg hip raise w/bosu 241  
2B rear lateral raise 83 7.5
3A sumo squat 204 10
3B standing cable fly 62 15
  Workout B, Week 2, Day 1    
1 wide-stance plank with leg lift 280  
2A single-leg squat 196  
2B wide-grip lat pulldown 104 55
3A dumbbell single-leg deadlift 257 10
3B front raise 124 5
  Workout A, Week 2, Day 2    
    page # weight
1 Prone Cobra 295  
2A single-leg deadlift 257 10
2B underhand grip rear lateral raise 84 7.5
3A overhead dumbbell squat 205 7.5
3B modified pushup 36  
  Workout B, Week 2, Day 3    
    page # weight
1 mountain climber 288  
2A elevated front-foot dumbbell split squat 210 10
2B EZ-bar pullover 106 11 (bar)
3A Back extension 258  
3B lateral raise 126 5

All exercises and page numbers come this book.

These workouts are based on the “Greatest 4-week diet and exercise plan” featured in the beginning of the book. I’m not following their diet plan, because I know what works for me and it’s not avoiding bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and beans for 4 weeks.

Results so far: I haven’t taken any measurements (yet) but I can tell things are getting “tighter.” And I lost 3 lbs at last weeks weigh-in, so that’s something.

My thoughts: This workout plan doesn’t ask you to do any bicep/tricep exercises, which I find odd. Triceps are, like, the number one problem area for lots of women. I have been adding bi/tri exercises in, as well as a few extra ab moves (I like crunches, people!) but haven’t really been tracking them.

Yesterday I was so not feeling the gym, but made it in for a quick’n’easy 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I was a little sore from strength/kickboxing the day before, so I was glad there were no weights on the schedule.

Today’s workout is Week 3, Day 1 and 30-60 minutes of cardio.

What are you doing to break a sweat today?

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