Revisiting September Goals


Ah! Have I really not posted anything since Saturday? It’s been a busy week, and I’m not quite used to it yet.

I officially started substitute teaching last week, and they have kept me busy. I’ve worked 3 days this week (and again tomorrow) and will be working my weekend job both Friday and Saturday night.

Between work, the gym, cooking, and spending time with Matt there hasn’t been a lot of extra time this week. But I’m going to try to be better next week.

So, you may remember (or not) that I posted way back on September 2 about my goals for the month. Let’s see how I did, shall we?

September Goals:

1. Get the scale going in the right direction. August was kind of a bust in the weight-loss department, and I’m ready to change that.

Check! I rejoined Weight Watchers meetings (w/ the monthly pass) last week and had my first weigh-in tonight. I’m down 3.2 lbs!

2. Join a gym.

Check! And I’ve been going a lot – probably 5 times a week on average. Yay!

3. Be better at meal planning. I hate wasting food, and when I just buy randomly (i.e. not with a specific meal in mind) it seems like there’s a lot more waste.

Check! There were still a few meals I just threw together, but there has been much less waste. Now I just need to figure out some good lunches for bringing to work!

4. Reign in my spending. I’ve done this a lot since we moved (and I no longer had a steady income). Now that I’m working, I think I’ve gotten a little more relaxed. But I’ve realized that a. I have a lot of stuff already and b. I don’t have too much storage in this apartment for more stuff.

Check? I haven’t actively stopped spending as much, but I’ve been busier, which in turn means I don’t have the time to go shopping and spend. Which means I’ll save even MORE because I’m making $ but not spending as much.

5. Read more. I sometimes feel way too connected to the computer/TV/iPhone. I used to read A LOT, but now that I have entered the blogging world it doesn’t happen as much. Knitting also takes up some of that spare time, too, but that’s another story.

Meh. I haven’t really been reading much more at home, but I do get reading time while I’m subbing, so I guess it evens out? I’ll keep trying on this one.

6. Do a blog giveaway! Everyone who reads this means so much to me, whether you know it or not. I blog for myself, yes, but it’s so rewarding sometimes to know that I’m not the only one who feels the way I do. (I’m not, right?). I don’t know when or what it will be, but be on the lookout (and feel free to give me any ideas)!

Fail! I’m working on it. Stay tuned.

So, overall I did pretty well. I feel good about what I’ve accomplished this month, and I know that October will be even better!

Did you have any goals for last month? How did you do?

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