The 5k That Really Wasn’t


So I mentioned earlier this week that I had decided to run a 5k today. The start was just a few blocks from my apartment and registration was only $15 so I thought, “Why not?”

This had to be the strangest 5k I’ve ever done. I got there about 7:25 to register, and there were maybe 20 people there. By the time the race started at 8:00 there was probably, at the most, 100 people running/walking. Small.

(I don’t think the race was publicized very well, which explains the small turnout. I only found it by accident.)

There was no chip timing, or even posted clocks at all on the race course. I was actually surprised to see a water table about halfway through the course.

And about the course – it wasn’t closed! There were cops stopping traffic at the couple busier intersections, but the streets were not closed so there were some cars that I had to watch out for.

I was really hoping to set a new PR at this race, and because the course wasn’t marked I was keeping at eye on my Nike+ GPS to see where I was at.

When I could see that we were near the finish I took a glance at the distance – it was almost 2.8. Ok, I thought, maybe there’s another turn that I forgot about. But there wasn’t. As I crossed the finish line (28:25) I looked at the GPS to see it was at 2.87 miles. That’s .23 miles short of a 5k. Looks like the PR is going to have to wait for another time.


Well, at least I got a free t-shirt.

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