Subbing and Spice Cake

So, it’s been a busy day. I can’t believe that the week is almost half over already. Why was it busy, you ask? Well, I got to sub today!

I was a busy bee yesterday and went around to introduce myself to the three substitute coordinators for the district. There is one for the elementary schools, one for junior high, and one for senior high.

Well, I was asked to sub for two 1/2 days in elementary schools yesterday when I met that coordinator. I was also asked to sub 2 full days at the senior high when I met with that coordinator. And got called today to sub another 1/2 day tomorrow, 2 more full days next week, and got my 1/2 day Thursday changed to a full day! I’m so glad to have a schedule, routine, and most of all – $$!


Ok, enough about that. Back to the important things.

Yesterday was a weights day at the gym, and boy am I feeling it today!  In my new book they give an outline for a 4-week exercise plan (the world’s greatest!) so I’m giving that a shot.  You do 3 strength workouts a week, alternating workout outlines A and B.

So week 1 you’d do ABA, then week 2 is BAB, etc. Follow?

You only do 5 exercises, which keeps things short, sweet, and simple. No hanging out in the weight room for an hour.  Although, I may do a few extra strength exercises when time allows (or when I feel like it. Whatever.)

I also ran a 5k on the treadmill yesterday, because I’ve decided to do a race this Saturday! Surprise!  The past few Saturday’s I’ve had to work the bar at 11:30, so I assumed this would be the trend and didn’t even bother looking up any races. Then by chance I went to the universities website and saw they had a race this weekend. When I just happen to NOT be working the AM! Bonus: registration is only $15!

When I got to thinking, I realized I haven’t done a 5k in almost a year. I did a 4-mile turkey trot, Shamrock Shuffle (8k), the half in June, and a 10k in July. Whew. So, I decided that a nice, short (ha) 5k would do me some good. Another race bib to add to the future display.

This morning I got up early and ran about 3.3 miles. BTW: I totally love the new Nike+ GPS app. I used it for the first time today and it was pretty darn cool.

run 9 21 10

I don’t know why there is such a huge dip – I only walked for like a block there.  I was backtracking to avoid passing a dog who may or may not have been tied up.

Pace – not too bad. This is what I’m averaging on the treadmill, so it’s good to know that I am learning to pace myself much better.


In other news: Glee premiered tonight!

Our friend Julie (a fellow Gleek) came over to watch with us, and I made a little treat.


Spice cake mix + 1 can pumpkin

Oh my. Moist and delicious. I used the Kitchen-Aid to whip this baby up – way faster than by hand. And then topped it with cream cheese frosting. If I had more time I would have totally made my own frosting, but I went grocery shopping after school let out at 3:00 and wanted to make it to 5:30 yoga. Which I did, it was glorious, lots of down dogs and pigeon pose for my tight hamstrings.


This may or may not have been my second piece. You decide.


And a big glass of water. I am thirsty today!


Whew, long post today – sorry! Hope you all have a great hump day tomorrow!

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