Sunday Funday


Happy Monday! Maybe?

Matt and I had a pretty productive Sunday. We managed to sleep in (me til 8, him til 10) and I had this fab breakfast:


Scrambled egg+egg white, sliced up peach, and 2 slices homemade bread with Polaner Sugar-Free Strawberry. Delicious.

I spent the morning catching up on blog reading, reading the Sunday paper, and clipping coupons. Lunch was unpictured spaghetti squash and a couple pieces of pizza that Matt made.

Since we didn’t make it Friday night, we went to the The Town yesterday afternoon. It was really good! There was a little bit of everything in this movie, and lots of shooting. Ben Affleck was looking pretty good, as was John Hamm. Mmmm.

Now, movie popcorn and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it and all it’s salty, buttery deliciousness (yes, I load it up with the fake butter). But I always feel bad after I eat it. The tiny, stale crumby pieces at the bottom remind me that it was popped long ago, and the bloated feeling after the movie remind me how much salt I just consumed. So today, in an effort to beat that feeling, I packed this in my purse.


I didn’t bring the entire jar of peanut butter, but it looked better this way than in it’s little to-go container.

Matt did get some popcorn, and I had some of it, but not nearly as much as if I had purchased it myself.

Then, after a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get some things we’ve been putting off since moving, we came home to a marathon cleaning/cooking dinner evening.

I sliced up these bad boys.




End result – delicious. There was also some roasted chicken thighs. We were so hungry I didn’t take any after pictures. And no before pictures of the chicken, because raw chicken is icky.


We managed to clean (almost) the whole apartment, vacuumed, I hung some pictures, Matt tacked down the cable cord, and we moved some furniture. Very productive, indeed!

                      Inspecting the clean carpet



Gone with the Wind over the television.


Over the dresser. I want to hang my race bibs and medals in the empty space on the left. Suggestions?



Some living room organization. That little cart holds some of my yarns and knitting projects.


Overall a pretty good day.  We got a lot done, and I was definitely tired when we finally went to bed. I didn’t get called to sub today like I was hoping to, but I have a list of things to accomplish – get a library card, visit and introduce myself to the sub coordinators, grocery shopping, and eventually the gym.

What did you accomplish this weekend?

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