WI and Finding Motivation

Happy Friday! It’s a long holiday weekend and I’m sure we’re all in a celebratory mood. I know I am!

But let’s get down to business.

Over the course of my weight loss journey, I have changed my weigh-in day several times. When I started out, I went to Wednesday evening meetings, mostly because I loved that leader. Then said leader left my location, and I started shopping around for a new leader I loved. It took a while to find one, and I finally settled on Saturday morning WIs. Then I started training for a half marathon. And my long runs often fell on Saturdays. So either my WI would be skipped or the long run would be cut short.

I didn’t like this. I also felt like sitting in a meeting wasn’t doing as much for me as it used to. Then, when I found out Matt & I would be moving, I decided it was time to change my Weight Watchers subscription, to online only. I wouldn’t be committed to (or paying for) meetings and could weigh myself on my time.

The only trouble I have with weighing myself is that my apartment is all carpeted! I’ve found that the best place for the scale is in the tub – silly, but it works.


Ok, getting back on track. I’ve decided to change my weekly weigh-in day to Friday, for several different reasons. 1. Tuesday is trivia night, where we usually have a few beers. And alcohol makes me retain. So either I’d make excuses for a gain or not-so-good loss on Wednesday morning, or not drink (which isn’t always fun).  2. My points now reset right before the weekend, which is often when I (and probably some of you) tend to eat more/differently than we should.

So this morning I weighed in at 178.4. That’s a loss of .6 from last week. Not too bad.

This week I found myself having trouble getting motivated to work out.  Some days I wake up, ready to go out and run a few miles. Other days I would rather enjoy my coffee, oatmeal, and Today show.

Today was the latter of the two. I went to bed psyched for a run, because it was only supposed to be about 60 degrees (!) when I wake up. But then I woke up, and the last thing I wanted to do before work was to run. And as of 6:20 I still haven’t gone for a run. But I did set an alarm on my phone for 7:00 – and sunset isn’t til 8:30, so there’ll be plenty of time for a 4 miler.




Yeah, that’s what I feel like some days. But how do we get it back?

Well, that’s a toughie. What motivates me might not be the right thing to get you off the couch. But maybe it is.

1. Have one goal

When it comes to fitness, having a goal in mind helps keep me motivated. Whether it was training for my first 5K or my first half-marathon, having a set training plan kept me on track. I even posted this in my bedroom as a daily visual reminder, as well as crossed off the days as I went and put a sticker on the days I successfully trained as planned. What, you don’t like gold stars?

Don’t get too bogged down by thinking you have to complete x miles in x minutes or your workout was worthless. For me, just finished 3.1 (and later 13.1) miles was enough. I have never focused on speed when I run. I know I’ll never be fast, and that’s ok.

When it comes to weight loss, I like to think in 5 lb increments. I started my weight loss at 230 lbs, and my current goal weight is 160 lbs. 70 lbs is a lot of weight to lose, but I don’t think any further than the next number ending in 5 or 0.  Any more than that and it takes way too long to reach my goal.


So, what is your one goal? Come back and I’ll give you more tips to help find your motivation when you think it’s lost.


As for me, my one goal tonight is to run 4 miles. So as soon as I hit publish, I’m getting into my running clothes and heading out the door.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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