Running Around

I did it! I actually got up and went out for a run this morning.

Here’s what helped keep me accountable to run:

– put it into my calendar and set an alert 15 minutes before

– tell all of you that I’m going to run

– checking the weather to see that it’s actually bearable

Before I headed out the door I had a piece of toast with Peter Pan whipped peanut butter, which I scarfed before I could take a photo (I was hungry). I also got the coffee pot ready to go so I just had to hit the start button when I got back home.

Then I went outside and did this:

run 8 31 10

I took a 1-2 minute walk break after each mile. I think the humidity is still taking its toll on me. But overall, I was pretty happy at the end of this run.


Then I came home and ate this:

All mixed together, of course. It was delish. But I still think Fage or Chobani are the best when it comes to Greek yogurt. This was plain, fat-free, and still had 9g of sugar!

I also helped myself to a big bowl of watermelon.

8-31 003

No, I didn’t eat from THIS bowl. But I still had a lot.


It’s been a pretty bum day. Again. Our fridge is looking hungry, but we’re going away for the weekend, so grocery shopping will just have to wait until Tuesday.  At least I have enough oatmeal and fruit to get me through the next few days.


This afternoon was spent putting away laundry that’s been sitting in baskets since last weekend. Oh my. And when I was putting it all away, I once again realized that I have way too many clothes. But yet I still feel like I have nothing to wear. Bah. How do you deal with that feeling?



8-31 004

Oh, lunch today was pretty delicious! I heated up some TJ’s Black Bean soup and toasted a whole wheat pita. Perfection. (I may have sprinkled some cheese on top of the soup.)


This lunch didn’t have tons of protein, so I’m in need of a snack.

What’s your favorite afternoon snack? Mine is a juicy apple and creamy peanut butter.

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