No Running Tonight

So, I have come to the conclusion that if I don’t run first thing it the morning, it ain’t gonna happen. Lesson learned. Again.

Today was a pretty chill day – seemed like I wanted to continue the weekend fun.

There were only a few things on my to-do list for today; one of them was to find a black skirt to wear for my interview on Thursday.  Now, I’m only interviewing to be a substitute teacher (and everyone gets hired) but as I would like to eventually be hired on as a full-time teacher here, I’d like to make a great first impression.  I actually had a great black pencil skirt that I wore many, many times (from Old Navy) but after losing 50 lbs it obviously doesn’t fit anymore. Sad.  But I was able to find a pretty good substitute from Kohls. It’s a great length and also comes with a cute belt!


Now I just have to figure out what to wear on top. I have a nice black blazer from Target, and wanted to find a colored, short sleeve blouse – but had no luck at Kohls, Old Navy, or TJMaxx.  Perhaps I’ll hit up the mall tomorrow afternoon to finish my outfit.

In other job news, I applied for some one-on-one aide positions in the same school district.  There are three open position, 2 elementary and one intermediate.  Pretty good chances, hopefully.  And if I got hired, that would mean I’d be guaranteed to work every school day and could count on a steady paycheck. Score!  So, let’s all keep out fingers crossed on that one.

Here’s what I ate to fuel my shopping trip:

Mmm, carrot cake Clif Bar. This was the first time I tried this flavor, and it was good!  Carrot cake is my favorite of all cakes, and this did not disappoint. There were even bits of carrot and frosting in it. Yum. I will definitely be buying it again.

After shopping I came to home to make dinner and prep for my (non) run. Pizza was on the menu, and on top went low-fat mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.

About green peppers: they aren’t my favorite of the colors. Frankly, I think they taste too green and bland.  But when you’re on a budget and the green ones are $.75 vs. $1.75 for red or yellow, you go with the green.

So, here’s my pizza pie:


Don’t mind the melted cheese that’s spilling off the side. It got a little carried away.


Here’s my plate – I was hungry.  I think I had about 1/3 of the pizza (maybe a smidge more), but I was in need of veggies.

This was pretty delicious, by the way. I didn’t get fancy and make my own dough or sauce or anything (one day).  I just bought the pre-made dough mix that just needs water, and some jarred sauce. I did add some Italian seasoning over the top of everything.  Not bad for a 30 minute dinner.

Now the pizza is digesting happily and I’m about to hit the “post” button, lace up my sneaks, and do a few circuits of No More Trouble Zones and some kickboxing DVD I found on Netflix Instant Queue. Matt’s off covering a meeting, so I’ve got the place all to myself.

And because I haven’t given you enough photos for one post, here’s some Sterling to end the night with.


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