I’ve been dreaming of you

For many years, I’ve dreamed of owning a Kitchen-Aid Artisan Stand Mixer.  It’s like the holy grail of kitchen appliances.  And now I am in possession of one.

Oh baby

I have to start of by telling you all that no, I did not go out and drop $250 on this baby. I think Matt would have killed me if I did. And no, I didn’t win it in a giveaway either.  Turns out, it’s been sitting in the closet of my grandparents spare bedroom for YEARS.  One of my aunts has been cleaning it and throwing lots of stuff away (because, after 60 years of marriage, you tend to collect lots of junk).  All the family was at the house on Sunday for the anniversary party, and so my aunt asked mom mom if her or any of her kids (including me) would want it. All my aunts/uncles either have one or wouldn’t use it.   So my mom, knowing me and my love for this baby, said sure! I’ll take it.  They didn’t even tell me!

Of course I was super-duper excited and couldn’t wait to get this baby back into my own kitchen and test it out.  So instead of working out yesterday morning before work, I baked some chocolate chip cookies.

For the recipe, go here.


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