It’s Monday! Again. Yay.

Sorry for being MIA for so long – it’s been a fun, busy weekend. And here’s the long recap.

Thursday afternoon my sister and I left for my parents house – and 5 hours later we finally made it there! I didn’t do much of anything Thursday night, just chatted with the fam for a while and then slept on the couch (I’m so loved!).

Friday I woke up nice and early and headed out for a nice run. 3.14 miles in 37 minutes. Not too shabby, it was pretty humid and very sunny.

When I got home I made some peanut butter and banana oatmeal (and coffee, of course) then got in mom’s minivan to help my youngest brother move into the dorm. He goes to school in the city, only about 30 minutes from the house, and is starting his sophomore year. Between me, mom, brother, and brothers girlfriend we were all moved in after 3 trips. Boys have SO much less stuff than girls do! We also went to the welcome back luncheon BBQ (free!) and it was delicious. They had lots of food, including many healthy options, and I loaded up my plate with: portobello veggie burger, 3 bean salad, a bit of coleslaw, several tomato slices, and some fresh sliced watermelon. Yum.

Friday also brought a trip to Target (after a much needed shower, of course). I love Target, but it is one thing we are lacking in QTown. I scored some Fage and blackberries, which I had for breakfast the past three days, and a cute new workout top. Oh, and some salt & vinegar Popchips that I proceeded to power through while catching up on my google reader.

Saturday I made a trip to the mall – I had a $50 Coach giftcard that I got in the mail and it was burning a hole in my wallet. I ended up with a new wristlet.


This baby cost me $8!!! Matt got me a wristlet for Christmas last year, a pretty black w/black C logos. But I wanted one that I could wear with any color, and it’s about all the Coach I can fit in my budget these days.

There was also a trip to Trader Joe’s where I stocked up on Clif bars (only $.99!) and got a few other items to stock my pantry. I am seriously considering another trip before I hit the highway tomorrow. Don’t judge me.

Since I didn’t go for a run Saturday morning, I decided to go for one around 5:30. Yeah, probably not the best time of the day. But I don’t care. The simple fact that it’s below 85* and 80% humidity is enough to get me outside. It was pretty good – 3 miles in 33 minutes.

I came home, had a quick shower, then went out with my brother for some Indian food yumminess. I had Baigan Bharta (eggplant curry) and tandoori roti. Oh my. So good.  Makes me a little sad that there are no Indian places near my apartment. Maybe I’ll have to make my own? (Or get some pre-made from TJ’s, more like.)

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend, and the reason I came back in the first place. My grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. You read that right: they’ve been married 60 years. Amazing.

The party was Open House style @ the grandparents. It was a perfect day, and we calculated that about 130 relatives and friends came and visited. How amazing is that?

In 60 years my grandparents have had: 9 children, 6 sons and daughters-in-law, 20 grandchildren (1 on the way), 8 grandchildren-in-law, and 5 great-grandchildren (+2 more on the way). Yeah, I’ve got a huge family. Holidays are a bit ridic.

My mom and her 5 sisters organized the event, and managed to find lots of pictures of them from over the years, which they compiled in several albums, including one with memories people had sent in (typed out, not Harry Potter-style). My aunt even found their original wedding photos, which was a double wedding with my grandma’s sister.

It was a long day, filled with fun, memories, and lots of not-too-distant relatives that though I was my mother (or at least knew who I belonged too). I was very happy to crash onto the couch last night.

What’s your favorite part about celebrating with family?  Mine is hearing all the stories. With 8 brothers and sisters, my mom has a lot.

3 thoughts on “Whirlwind

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  3. fitfunandfabulous

    I love spending time with family no matter what we are doing. My extended family is spread out all over the country so we only get together once or twice a year at the most.


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