Happy Friday afternoon!

Today has been filled with lots of laziness and catching up on the DVR. I have been in my workout clothes since about 10:30 but (as of 5:40) have not yet worked out. There’s still time though.

Yesterday after my fab lunch I hit the mall to find a journal to track my food, since I do better when I write things down. Here’s what I found:

Pink! And only $2.99!
Here’s a peek at what I had for breakfast.

I also got this at the bookstore
I’m only a few pages in so far, but I’m really liking it. I’ll keep you updated as I get further along in the book.
And I randomly decided to look around at Dressbarn. Grabbed a few things to try on, not expecting to buy anything. But I couldn’t NOT buy this:
Remember that Calvin Klein I tried on but didn’t buy last weekend? Well, this is also Calvin. And was only $35. It was originally $79.99 but was on clearance, was the last one, and was in my size. Fate. I actually like this one better than the $128 version, as the top is a bit more modest and less sheer. I was googling this, curious to see what other people paid for this, and saw that it was originally $118 at Nordstrom. Holy deal! I don’t know when or where I’m gonna get to wear this, but it’s so awesome and was a great deal, I couldn’t pass it up.
And I swear, I’ll post a picture of me in it when I DO wear it out.

Question: What recent purchase could YOU not pass up?

1 thought on “Fabulousness

  1. ~Jessica

    Whoa!!!! Even before I read the paragraph under the pic of the dress I thought "It's JUST like the Calvin dress!!!"Great find!! I love it when that happens!


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