Just a few things

*Today’s post is brought to you via Panera’s free wi-fi.*

Let me tell you up front, this post is going to be very spastic. So if I bounce around and abruptly move from one topic to the next, don’t be alarmed. I’m still sane (or as much as I was before).

Thing 1

If you don’t know, or I haven’t told you, I am currently working at an Irish Pub/Brewhouse. There’s a bar, and I serve the food. Anywho, last night when I got to work it was pretty slow and there were just a few bar customers. I spotted an older lady and her husband and could hear her talking about Weight Watchers and even saw her little weigh in book in her hands. Cool, I thought, another proud WW. So, in the spirit of my mother, I struck up a conversation. Turns out she’s from near Chicago, like me! They live in the west suburbs, and my family is in the south. But her husband grew up just a few towns over from my hometown. It was pretty cool to talk about Weight Watchers with someone else, and she was very impressed when I told her how much I’ve lost so far. I sometimes take for granted the fact that not everyone knows how overweight I used to be. And it’s kind of nice.

Thing 2

I worked again this afternoon. And since I work at a bar, most of the food is pretty unhealthy fare. So I get a table of four ladies, but only two are there so far, mother and daughter. She wants to order for everyone – understandable, it’s lunchtime. So, when it gets to her and her daughter, they both get a ponyshoe. What is a ponyshoe, you ask? It’s a piece of Texas toast topped with shredded roast beef, then fries, then cheese sauce. Then gets a diet dr pepper and orders her daughter a diet pepsi. The daughter says, “no, regular pepsi. I’m sick of diet.” The mom tells me, “Diet. We try to cut back where we can.”

Ok, I was thoroughly confused by that statement. Yes, I know that most of us who are in the process of losing weight have our splurge days. And yes, I know, mind your own weight loss. But the fact that she said they were trying to cut back yet ordered a probably near 1,000 calorie lunch made my brain twist for a sec. And if you were wondering, yes, they were overweight. I felt bad, actually, the mom was out of breath when I took the order after walking through the restaurant to the table they wanted.

I’m not judging for judging’s sake, because I know, I’ve been there. But to actually point out to someone that you’re trying to eat healthier and then order a calorie-laden meal is a little contradictory, don’t you think?

Thing 3

So since it’s hot as balls outside and I’m sick of sitting around my apartment all day, I headed to Panera for lunch. I packed my laptop, planner, and water bottle (cuz seriously, I’m not paying $2 for a bottle of water) and headed back out. Currently it’s about 97 degrees and feels like 110. Ick. While I was perusing the menu I noticed numbers after the soups. And after everything else. Panera has calorie counts on their menu! Not only do they have a kickass nutritional calculator on their website, but they now have the info on the menu board if I, like today, didn’t pick out what I wanted before I left the house. I think that is so awesome, and I hope to see other restaurants follow suit. And yes, seeing the calories actually did inform what I got for lunch.

This mornings workout was lame. I am done with 30 day shred, and wanted a break from all Jillian videos. I am not a gym member yet (see yesterdays post) and it was way to hot to run. I also knew I wanted to do some cardio today, since I lifted yesterday. Only thing is, I don’t have many cardio DVDs. I have a burned copy of Turbo Jam, which I love, but it’s got a huge scratch and doesn’t play anymore. Then I saw a tae bo DVD. Cool, says me, I haven’t done this in a long time (probably since before WW). And it sucked. Don’t get me wrong, I love kickboxing, but this just sucked. There wasn’t really any music, just the people counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 over and over and over. And the pace was really fast. Like, uncomfortably fast. So after about 25 minutes (and 250 cals) I turned it off. I wasn’t interested and didn’t want to look at Billy Blanks’ sweaty mug anymore. Oh well.
Matt has a Netflix subscription, so I think I’ll search for some instantly streaming cardio DVDs to work out to.

Well, it’s about time to go. I think I’m going to run into Staples for some pretty pens and a cute notebook to track food and/or workouts in. And possibly the mall to see if they have Operation Beautiful in stock. (Sidenote: if you haven’t yet, check out Operation Beautiful’s website. It’s awesome.)

Hope you all have a great weekend – cuz it’s almost here!


1 thought on “Just a few things

  1. ~Jessica

    I agree about the overweight family. It's especially tough not to judge when it involves children, ya know… I always feel really really horrible when I see adults just ordering garbage for their kids to eat.


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