Sunday morning

I love Sunday mornings. They are inherenantly lazy and made for sleeping in. Unless you have a cat that needs to be fed and will stop at nothing to wake you by 8 am.

After getting up I made some oatmeal (w/Fiber One and blueberries) and washed dishes. Then I sat down and read the paper (read the ads, more like), sipped my coffee, and painted my toenails. Lovely.

Let’s backtrack. Friday morning I was able to get out for a run. I woke up, checked the weather on my trusty iPhone, saw it was only 70 degrees, and shot up out of bed. Here’s the Nike+ recap:

After not running for a week, I felt pretty stiff and slow. I had to take several walk breaks, but I still completed 6k (about 3.75 miles) and felt good afterward. I ate breakfast then (after digesting) did day 28 of 30 day shred and 100 crunches.

So all this heat has got me thinking. I was going to wait until it got too cold outside to join the local Y. But I didn’t think it would be too HOT to go for a run! Last year I was spoiled by a mild summer, and it was my first summer as a runner. Also, registration for the fall class session starts in a couple weeks, and I am seriously missing my classes! It’s relatively affordable – $65 sign-up, $36 a month.

Friday night we also had some friends over for dinner. There was guacamole, homemade salsa, chili-cheese dip, wine, beer, homemade burgers, and more. It was fun, and my apartment hasn’t looked so clean since we moved in!

Yesterday was a very lazy Saturday. I didn’t even work out, but did manage do get some knitting done.

I worked last night. It was super slow and boring. But it’s a little money, which is better than nothing. I work again tonight, but not til 6, so hopefully I’ll work out today. If not, I’m off tomorrow so there will be plenty of exercise going on.  And shopping. It’s a tax holiday in Illinois, so no 5% state tax on clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Score!

Hope you all enjoy your lazy Sundays!

1 thought on “Sunday morning

  1. fitfunandfabulous

    This heat is just insane, isn't it? This is my first summer as a runner and I didn't realize how much the heat puts a damper on my running. It's either early morning or on a treadmill for me!


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