Scale day!

It’s that time again ladies and gents. Time to step on the scale and see what I did right (or wrong) the past 7 days. Here are today’s results:

Starting weight: 230.2
Last week’s WI: 177.4 lbs
This week’s WI: 177 lbs
Difference: -.4 lbs

I’ll take it. It’s the right direction. So let’s see how I did with the goals I set for myself last week :

1. Track 75% of what I eat. Yeah, 100% would be great, but that leaves a lot of room for error. Aim low, my friends, aim low. Check! I think I tracked everything that passed my lips except for the salad I ate before work yesterday and the bowl of Grape-Nuts & blueberries I had after work.

2. Make time for 3 runs. This weather has been so up and down, but I know if I drag my butt out of bed a little earlier I can do it. I actually do like getting up early to start my day. I also found a park to run in that has a 1.72 mile out and back path. Fail. I ran once, Friday morning, about 3 miles. I didn’t plan on the weather being insane and feeling like over 100 degrees. Boo. I did rack up 25 APs though, so I’m not slacking in the exercise department.

3. Create a new playlist for running. I haven’t made a new one since my half marathon a month and a half ago. I need some new tunes! Check! I’m actually still adding to it, as I downloaded some Elton John and Billy Joel yesterday that I’m still sorting through. Don’t hate, they’re classics. Once the playlist is fine tuned to my liking I’ll share it with you. 

Here’s this weeks goals:

1. Finish 30 Day Shred! Only 5 more days people!

2. Do 100 crunches a day. 

3. Cook 5 meals. Since I’ve started working evenings, cooking dinner has fallen by the wayside. I’ve got some recipes ready to go and did a big grocery trip earlier this week. (Today it’s gonna be turkey chili. Yum.)

In other news, I have a twitter account! I held out a long time, but I though it would be a great way to connect with readers and the rest of the world. And I think I”m addicted. (Matt, keep your comments to yourself, please.)

So, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, click the little link and then send me a hello!

Hope you all enjoy your hump day. I know I will.

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