Monday, again.

And it’s my day off!

This weekend was a blast. I did just the right amount of stuff, and made some money to boot (which I then spent on my shopping trip). Friday started with a little happy hour at a neighborhood bar and a couple beers (Ok, just one for me. I’m such a lightweight). Then we headed to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Yum. I got the chicken and shrimp fajita which was HUGE and made 2 meals. It came with rice, beans, and flour tortillas. The rice was good, the beans were too runny/thin for my tastes, and I would have much preferred corn tortillas. But now I know. I ended up having the leftovers for lunch on Saturday (sans tortillas). It was a nice evening and a good chance to start trying out more restaurants in town. Saturday I worked a split shift: 11:30 – 3 in the afternoon, and then bartended a wedding reception 6 – 10. Not too bad of a day, but I didn’t make as much in tips as I would have liked to. The weekend was capped off by a fabulous trip to Springfield, IL for some shopping. One of my girlfriends in town is a personal attendant in a wedding and needed to find a dress, and since we have limited shopping here we made a day of it in the “big city.” She was successful, and I found a great little dress on clearance (from 79.99 to 27.99!) at Macy’s.

Size 12!

I also tried on this hot little Calvin Klein:
Also size 12. I could hardly believe it.

I soooo wanted to get this one too, but it was $129. A bit out of my price range. I think me and the girls are going to hit up the martini bar in town, where I shall wear the black and white print dress. I just love getting all dressed up and going out.

After the mall we made a stop at Olive Garden for lunch, and I enjoyed myself. And by enjoyed, I mean I sampled the wine, ate 3 breadsticks, 2 plates of salad, and 1/2 my shrimp primavera entree. So worth it. There may or may not have also been a stop at Coldstone where I may or may not have gotten a coffee lovers ice cream creation (like it size, of course.) All in all, a pretty good weekend. And when I came home, Matt had washed the dishes (!), put the license plate sticker on my car, cleaned the stovetop, and put away his clean clothes. Ahh.

Back to reality. And laundry.
Have a fun Monday!

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