No leg warmers here!

Seeing as how I don’t belong to a gym right now I’m sticking to the my running sneaks and DVDs. I’m going to be creating a set schedule in the near future, because I do much better when I have a schedule to stick to. It also makes it harder to skip a workout when I see something written in for that day.

As you also know, I’ve been Shredding. Today was day 7, and I have to say that I’m ready to move on to level 2. But I want things to be even, so I’ll be doing 10 of each level. It is getting to be A LOT easier though.
I was planning on going for a run today, but between unpacking from the weekend, chatting with my mom (she turned 50 today!) and general laziness I didn’t. I did hit up Walmart for some much needed groceries and a pair of 10 lb hand weights, cuz I’m gettin’ ripped.

Back to a workout plan. Here’s what I’ll be working with:

Just ordered these puppies from Zappos today!

I think I’ll alternate NMTZ and BFBM with the Shred and running. I’ll let you know. And the shoes are Brooks Ravenna’s. I have these now, but in a blue/silver combo. I thought I’d pretty it up for the next 8 months. I can’t wait to get them.

Did No More Trouble Zones for the first time today (I just got it Friday) and OMG, Jillian never fails to kick my ass. I may have a tough time running tomorrow morning.

Planning on a 3 mile run tomorrow, then Shred L1D8, then some ab work.

Here’s to a great Monday!

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