Weigh in Wednesday

Late again. Blah.

So yesterday was my first official at-home weigh in. And I was up 2 lbs. Considering it was a holiday weekend and I didn’t track/eat well I’m not surprised. I’m not happy with it, but it wasn’t a shock.

Starting weight: 230.2
Last week’s WI: 176.6 lbs
This week’s WI: 179 lbs
Gained: 2 lbs

Saturday was a BBQ at one of Matt’s new coworkers house. Didn’t do too bad there, there was a huge bowl of watermelon that I probably ate half of, didn’t have any Bud Light from the keg, and only had a small bit of the delicious homemade pulled pork.

But Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Matt headed to Springfield to clean his old apartment and I was left on my own for about 5 hours. I headed to walmart for a few things end ended up getting a container of ice cream and lays stax (cheddar – yum). I then proceeded to eat the entire container of chips and a huge bowl of ice cream. Ugh. Then we had a frozen pizza for dinner. I felt so crappy.

I haven’t had a binge like that in a long time, and I don’t know why I did it. Maybe because I was bored, or because I was alone and had no one to judge what I was eating – who knows? But this week I have decided to track both online and on paper. There’s something about writing crap foods down, even if I can’t (won’t?) track the points value. I tend to avoid doing that online. So we’ll see.

I’ve also been working out more consistently than I have since moving in. I decided to do the 30 Day Shred for 30 days. I’ve had the DVD for almost 2 years and always stop after about 8 days. Not that it’s too hard, but I would just get too busy. But now seems like the perfect time, what with not working and all. I know that the 30 days will not be consecutive, I’ll probably be taking weekends off. So far I’ve done 8 days of level 1, and it’s definitely getting easier. I can’t wait to get to level 2.
I’m also thinking about ordering No More Trouble Zones to get in more strength training – if you have it, what do you think? Any other DVDs you’d recommend for strength?

We’re heading back to our hometowns this weekend for our nephews baptism, and I’m so excited. It’s also my moms 50th birthday on Monday, so we’re gonna celebrate early.

Check back next Wednesday for more weigh in results!

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