I’m a new woman!

I got my hair cut today! I went here and got my hair cut by Danielle. I don’t know anyone that’s been to her but she’s got some great haircuts in the online gallery. I figured, why not? It’s only hair, it’ll grow out.

And it turned out great. Here’s a before pic:

At Andrea’s wedding 2 weekends ago

 And here’s my after:

Love it!

 Danielle thinned out the ends a bunch to prevent me from having triangle-head. It feels pretty weird to not be able to whip it up into a huge ponytail, but I’ll get used to it. My mom and sister are going to be shocked (hopefully in a good way).
Also, how beautiful does Andrea look in her wedding pic? And no, I’m not super short (I’m 5’7″), she’s really tall. And she didn’t have heels on here either.

Have a great Thursday!

3 thoughts on “I’m a new woman!

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