Things are kinda weird here

So I successfully moved in with Matt and far far away from home. We did the move on the 19th and I spent the better part of the next 3 days unpacking, organizing, and trying to remember where I put things. There is still plenty do to, but I have been so lazy and unmotivated to complete tasks like ironing the bedroom curtains (we have blinds, don’t worry) or organizing my half of the walk-in closet (!). And I swear, I will be posting pictures eventually. I want to share a clean place with you all though.

Last weekend was spent in Indiana. My best friend from college got married to her high school sweetheart, and it was so wonderful to see them. What was not fun was the 7 hour trip (6 hours driving, plus stopping for gas and food). Now, I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a longer turnaround between coming and going. I was so wiped out yesterday, even Matt told me I looked really tired.

Yeah, so with being away the whole weekend I’ve pretty much not been counting points. I haven’t been totally off plan, but when you get no cell reception and are eating out twice a day, sometimes it’s less stressful to just take a weekend off. And that Cracker Barrel dinner Friday night was so worth it. I love their chicken & dumplings.

I had planned on running 4 miles yesterday, in preparation for the Hannibal Cannibal 10K on Saturday, but I was so tired it didn’t happen. I am totally planning on it today. I’m actually eating my pre-run toast right now. It’s about 10 degrees cooler outside too. Sweet.

I’m also making the grocery list. I picked out what we’re eating for dinner each night this week, which I had planned on doing once I moved out of Mom’s house. And I have to say, I’m pretty psyched. Coming up with dinner is always a stressful part of the day; scrounging around the kitchen to see what I can put together is not that fun when you have to cook for someone else. But seeing the list of meals (which looks really yummy) makes me more relaxed. But I don’t like paying the grocery bill each week. Oh well.

Tomorrow is WI day, so keep your finger crossed and be on the lookout for my update after I face the scale.

Happy Tuesday!

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