Weigh in Wednesday

This morning I went to my first meeting in my new town this. I’m not sure if I like the group. It was mostly older women (which is usually the case at weekday morning meetings). But after July 5 I’m e-tools only for a while. I want to save a bit of money and also get a little more time in my week – which will hopefully be used for an extra workout. And because I will be doing this without any accountability to a meeting leader I’m going to start holding myself accountable to all of you lovely readers. And myself.

Weekly Weigh In

Starting weight: 230.2

Last week’s WI: 180.0 lbs

This week’s WI: 179.0 lbs

Total lost: 51.2 lbs

I’m really happy with the amount that I lost this week. With the stress of packing and moving, eating things I normally wouldn’t (hello bacon cheeseburger and fries), not following my normal workout schedule and not tracking the first half of the week. But 1 lb is great, especially at this point in my weight loss. I’m about 20 lbs away from my Weight Watchers lifetime goal.

This week’s meeting topic was portion control. Something I definitely struggled with before WW (and still do sometimes).

Confession: I didn’t weigh/measure my foods until being on WW over a year. I just bought a food scale about 4 months ago. Don’t tell anyone.

Ok, so portion control is, like, the #1 thing in getting your eating habits under control. This also allows you to eat any food you’d like as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

This is also the beauty of the Weight Watchers program. Nothing is off limits, as long as you count the points for it. So if I want to eat French fries, or ice cream, or a big bowl of cheerios, I can.

Now, there wasn’t much I learned at the meeting that I hadn’t already heard before. This is also a reason why I’m switching to e-tools only. There are other things I’d rather be doing with that 45 minutes once a week then sit in a meeting of old ladies and hear things I already know/have heard before/would rather chat about on the boards with girls my own age.

Challenges for the week: stay on plan and not overeat this weekend. I will be travelling to Indiana for a friend’s wedding, which includes a 6 ½ hour car trip each way.

Fitness goal for the week: run at least 3 miles 3 times this week.

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