Cruel Irony

I think it’s been about 2 weeks since my last blog post. Sorry I’ve been a lazy blogger. I’ve been fairly busy in those 3 weeks.

So yesterday I went out for a quick 5K run before going to yoga class – and I was chased by an ice cream truck. No joke. For about 4 blocks there was an ice cream truck right behind me. Now, I know she wasn’t following me, just running her normal route, but there was a funny sort of irony behind it. And I’m sure my neighbors who witnessed this saw the hilariousness as well.

I also ran a pretty good 5K time – about 33 minutes according to the Nike+. Not bad. I’m running a half marathon on Sunday, which I’m starting to freak about, so this weeks mileage is pretty light. I’m thinking another 3 miles or so today, maybe a couple tomorrow or Saturday too?

After the run I came home, quickly changed into not-yet-sweaty yoga clothes, and headed to the gym. I’m gonna miss my gym when I move, there are so many classes offered there and I love the kickboxing/yoga/bootcamp instructor Maggie. But Matt found out that he gets a free membership to the YMCA through work (just has to pay taxes) so it looks like we’ll be joining there. Yay!
Yoga was pretty good. I haven’t gone in a while and thought it would be good prep for the race. So many things popped and cracked, it was awesome. I think my hips were very happy.

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately, mostly due to the fact that I am not currently working. My sweater is making nice progress, and I finally finished my first pair of socks (photos to come!). I have been trying to avoid starting new projects, what with moving and all, so my sweater is pretty much it for now.

And speaking of moving, that’s happening on June 19th! It’s so soon, but I’m so excited. I feel like there’s so much to do, but not. It’s weird. The most important piece of business will be finding a job, but I heard back from the school district today regarding an application I sent. They don’t know if there will be a teaching job (they’re interviewing internal people first) but they asked if I’d be interested in subbing. Yes, please!

Ok, I need to finish eating my lunch and get out for a run. Hopefully posting will become less sporadic soon!

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