I’m still here!

Although it has been a good week since my last post, I am alive and well and have some exciting news to share!

I have been keeping up with my running schedule, just haven’t been posting (since running takes up my evenings!) Last Friday morning I completed my longest run yet, 7 miles.I felt awesome afterwards, like I could accomplish anything. This Saturday it’s gonna be 8 miles. Bring it on!

Saturday my little sis graduated from college – it was a looong day. The ceremony was at 10am and after we had to finish moving her out of her house (and eat, of course). I think it was about 7pm when we finally got home. Long day.

But back to the exciting news, even though it isn’t all mine. Matt was offered and accepted a job as a reporter! The only thing is, it’s about 5 hours away from where I currently live. But we’ve been together for 7 1/2 years and have talked about moving in wherever he got a job. I have 2 years experience as a teacher and was planning on leaving my current position after this year anyways, as it’s not what I want for myself and I’m just not happy here. So we’re making the big move.

Next weekend I’ll be meeting him in Springfield, then heading to our new town to look for someplace to live. This is definitely the biggest change I’ve ever encountered. We’ll be moving away from our families, our childhood homes, my gym, and the places we’ve known our whole lives. But it will be an exciting adventure, together.

I have been feeling so many different emotions since he told me the news Thursday afternoon. I’m so happy for Matt that he landed a great job. I’m also happy and excited to (finally!) move in with him. Seriously, after 7 1/2 years, it’s time. I’m sad to be leaving my family and my pretty purple bedroom. I’m nervous at the prospect of having to find a new job. I totally stressing about all the unknowns. I’ve never even visited this town! I’m also stressing about all the things I have to move/change – banks, address, new checks, car registration, drivers license, etc.

I am the type of person who loves to make lists, plan things in advance, and know as many details as possible. All of the unknowns are killing me. I am itching to make a list of things to move, what to pack, what we’ll need for the new place, etc. I’m probably driving Matt crazy with all my questions and general freaking out. Deal with it honey!

So here’s the question of the day:
Have you ever made a big move? How did you handle the stress? Any tips?

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