Better late than never

This weekend was full of lazy and crazy.

Saturday: Woke up later than planned, but it was (sort of) worth it. I was so exhausted all last week I felt like I needed to sleep past 7. I got up, dressed, and headed out for my run. Here’s the recap:

I went 4.3 miles in about 48 minutes. Not too bad. I really wanted to run 6 miles but I felt soooo tired, woke up late, and wanted to make it to an 11:30 Weight Watchers meeting.

Which I couldn’t attend. Because it no longer meets. Apparently the last time it would be held was April 24th. Boo. I was pretty pissed, but I’m at the point in my weight loss journey that missing one week doesn’t set me off track. I did, however, come home and weigh myself on my scale and enter it in the tracker. According to my scale I lost .4, which is good considering I ate way too many pieces of toast last week, and 3 cookies Friday night.

Sunday was spent with family, but I did manage to make it in to the gym that morning. I went to BodyWorks class, which is a total body weight training class. I’m pretty sore today as a result. I also hit the elliptical for about 45 minutes and overall burned 800 calories. Woohoo!

Later on at my grandparent’s house my mom and her 5 sisters and their families came together for a BBQ. It was great. In total there were 29 people there, including 2 babies and a foreign exchange student. My family is pretty crazy, but it’s so nice that most of us live so close and get to spend so much time together.

And tonight I’ll (hopefully) run 4.5 miles to report back later.

Countdown til summer break: 13 more school days!

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