Okay, time for part 2 to Saturday’s post.

Even though I was out of town over the weekend visiting the boyfriend, I still went to a WW meeting and weigh-in. And I hit a huge milestone.

This message popped up when I came home and entered my weight!!!!
I can’t believe I finally did it. It’s taken me 18 months, but I finally hit that big brick wall. I feel like if I can break into the 170s (hi, haven’t seen you in about 8 years!) and lose 50 lbs (!) then I can make it all the way to goal. It’s in sight. It’s attainable. It’s less than I’ve lost.  50 lbs is a really large suitcase filled for a long vacation. Imagine that. I can. It’s a pretty big amount. Are you getting how excited I am about this?
I feel like I should talk about my journey a little bit. I started WW in November of 2008 after attending a wedding. I had to order a size 18 dress because nothing I owned fit. That’s the largest size I had to buy, and it felt awful. Embarrassing. It felt like a failure. Then the winter coat I wore that night (size XL) barely buttoned. It was uncomfortable, tight, looked awful. I felt awful. So I decided that enough was enough. I had looked into WW before, but kept making excuses of why I shouldn’t do it. But after eating dinner at Panera one night after work (tomato soup in a bread bowl, bread on the side, lots of butter, tomato & mozzarella panini) I felt sick and stuffed and all sorts of other horrible things. So I went to weightwatchers.com and looked for a meeting that night. There would be no more excuses.
My first meeting was amazing. I felt so emotional by the end of it, but a good kind of emotional. 
My leader Sheryl was fantastic; open, welcoming, warm, understanding. She knew what it was like, and that asking for help was ok. I felt so accepted. That night there was someone who hit goal after losing (I think) about 40 lbs. To see someone’s success like that on my first night gave me hope. But before the meeting, when I stepped on the scale, I just about cried. I couldn’t believe how I had let my weight spiral out of control. 230.2. That’s the number I saw that night. And then Sheryl said to me, “You’ll never see that number again.” And I believed her. I still believe her. I left that day confident and ready to start a new lifestyle.
Unfortunately, Sheryl left my meeting location last summer, so I have since found a new leader and meeting. She’s great, but will never compare to Sheryl. 
Last summer I had a minor surgery that kept me from exercising normally for several weeks. And apparently it kept me from eating normally as well. That, coupled with being off work for the summer threw me off my daily routine and left me in a house full of food all day long. I don’t know exactly how much I gained – I kept making excuses and missed many, many meetings and weigh-ins. I finally got back on track once school started up again, and had gained about 7 lbs. The first few months back were a pretty half-assed attempt, I must say. Finally after way too many slices of pizza on New Years, I was finally ready to commit. I started measuring everything I ate, counting out crackers, eating more fruits and veggies. And the weight started coming back off. I was also starting to run more. First training for an 8k race and now I am in training for a half-marathon. I have pretty much cut out pre-packaged and processed foods, rarely eat out, and eat much more than 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day.
Those 50 lbs came off with lots of hard work, and I know the next 19 are going to be hard too. But I feel ready to get rid of them, forever. I’m ready.
This is me and Matt at his brothers wedding, about 3 weeks before Weight Watchers
These are from Saturday night, after going out for dinner. Matt’s lost about 30-40 lbs since then as well (not on WW)
On another note, I skipped my run tonight. I was not in the mindset to get out, even though it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I think I’ll run longer tomorrow because I have more time between work and personal trainer appointment. Look for run stats tomorrow!

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