According to the training schedule (which I intend to elaborate upon sometime soon) today was a 6 mile run. That would be the longest distance I’ve ever run. I had been nervously anticipating it all week and was trying to psych myself up by saying things like

“If I can run 5 miles, why not do 6?”
It’ll only be an extra 11 minutes or so – I can do that!”

It definitely  helped calm the nerves and I woke up motivated to get out there! Here’s the recap:

Yes, those are both from the same run. I had to come home about halfway through for a pit stop (if you know what I mean) and the Nike+ stopped. Boo.

When I got up this morning I fixed my normal, everyday breakfast – oatmeal topped with Fiber One cereal. Bad idea. I felt so full and heavy when I started running. I guess I’ll have to go back to a bagel thin with peanut butter or nothing at all.

Mid-run I started feeling tired so I ate my Gu Energy Gel packet I had brought with me, Vanilla Bean flavor. It was just the boost I needed and the flavor was good too – not too sweet or vanilla-y.

Overall I think my run went pretty well. I was running in a fairly unfamiliar neighborhood on sidewalks, which I hate. I would have much preferred to be running in the forest preserve like usual.

Right after finishing my run I headed to the WW meeting and weigh-in (look for Part II for results!)

Lunch today was out at a local pub. I got a grilled chicken taco salad with salsa in a taco shell bowl. I’ve had this salad before and it was really good. I only ate a small bit of the shell, but it was a little to overdone for my tastes.

I also picked up some chocolate covered cashews from a local shop that sells deli items, homemade chocolates and imported foods. I haven’t had a treat like this in a long time and they were worth it. Here’s a snapshot so you can see what I enjoyed

There definitely aren’t that many left anymore!
Dinner tonight will be sushi at a local restaurant – I’ve never been out for sushi before and I’m looking forward to tonight’s date. I’ve also got a cute outfit hanging in the closet, so hopefully I’ll have a progress picture to show you all!
Come back later for Part II – weekly meeting and WI results

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