And I would walk 500 hundred miles….

Ok, not really. But I DID run 4 miles today. And I didn’t have to take any walking breaks!!!

Here’s the Nike+ screenshot:

I mapped out my course on The Daily Mile and I actually ran 4.46 miles – but I’m ok with the Nike+ underestimating my runs.
        I really wanted to run through the forest preserve today, because it was so beautiful out, and the weekend rains meant everything would be extra green and pretty. But I didn’t want to drive there. So I mapped it out and the trail I normally run on is just over a mile from my house. So I ran there! I did have to go down a fairly busy street, where the speed limit is 50 mph. But it was light out and I stayed way to the side, so I felt pretty safe. 
        Overall it was a really good run. I think I was well rested from the weekend and my pre-run snack of apple and peanut butter (and 1/2 oz of cheese) kept me well fueled. 
 That’s the new issue of fitness (haven’t read it yet)
Dinner tonight was so yummy. I took pictures for everyone to enjoy (or envy?)
I started with 2 Italian Turkey sausages (4) and added 1/2 cup each of frozen chopped onion (.5) green pepper (0) and fresh mushrooms (0) and a little olive oil (2.5)
After that cooked I added 2 oz Barilla Whole Grain penne (3) and topped with 1/2 cup pasta sauce (1)
 It was sooo delicious. And filling. I was planning on making a green monster for a late night snack but I’m way to full. I’m going to have a Haagen-Dazs mango sorbet (individual serving) instead.
Today was a pretty good day. I didn’t get as much done around the house as I’d like (hello laundry!) but getting in my run felt so rewarding. And I got to put a star on my calendar.
What little thing keeps you motivated during the work week?
Today’s stats
Mileage: 4.29 miles
Time: 45:26
Pace: 10:35

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