And then the rain came

Let me start off my saying that Sunday nights are the worst. The weekend is over, I have 5 days of work ahead of me. And it’s supposed to rain several days this week. Boo
This weekend was kind of a bust. When I got home from work Friday afternoon I went with my mom to the florist. My baby brother has his girlfriends senior prom in a few weeks and since he is away at school we had to order her flowers. Plus he knows nothing about flowers (which I think is true of most guys). After that we headed to the local running store for a few things. Well, my mom ended up trying on and buying a pair of shoes for work (she’s a floor nurse). Here’s what I got 
That’s a pack of GU Chomps in strawberry (2 servings per pack), GU energy gel in tri-berry, vanilla and new Roctane in Pineapple.
I had planned on eating the vanilla one during my (supposed to be) 5 mile run Saturday morning. The forecast had been calling for rain all weekend, so I kept checking the hourly report for my area. I’m a big wuss and hate running in any kind of rain. But light rain I can suck it up for. However, the forecast showed thunderstorms beginning at 9am. So I got planned on waking up early, running, then going to my WW meeting (more on that later). I ended up not getting out of bed til about 7:!5. By the time I dressed, brushed my teeth, fixed a post-run, post-weigh in snack and got to the trail, it was about 7:45. There was no way I’d have time to go 5 miles and make it to WW. 
As I started out, I felt so sluggish. My legs felt so  It was the worst I’ve felt running in a good long while. Some factors that contributed to this include: not getting to bed til about midnight, eating little protein at dinner, not having any fuel in the morning, and the crappy weather. I had to talk a few walk breaks, which was not a good sign. I ended up running about 32 minutes before it was time to go. 
Weigh-in went well this week. I lost 1.2 lbs. This puts me at -49 lbs and just 21.2 from my first lifetime goal weight. Unfortunately I will be out of town next weekend and won’t be attending my regular meeting (I will be going to a meeting in Springfield though). So if (when?) I hit -50 this Saturday I will wait and celebrate with my regular group. 
This week should be pretty uneventful. Just lots more running. Have a good one!
Mileage: 2.88 (no, that’s not 5)
Time: 32:22
Average pace: 11:13 (ouch!)

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