Back at it.

Sooo, it’s been a while. I finally ran tonight – the first time in a week. It almost didn’t happen. I was literally in my running clothes for an hour before I went out the door. And it was a really good run. Just 3 miles tonight, but I felt really good. During my second mile I passed a little boy and girl playing outside. And she asked if I was having a good workout. I smiled and said YES! And kept smiling as I ran down the block.

No pictures yet, but over Spring Break I knitted my first sock (and halfway finished the second), a hat, finished a cowl for my brothers  GF (even though it’s too warm to wear it) and started a Nintendo DS case for my sis and another hat (I just love knitting them!).  Finishing a knitting project gives me so much satisfaction. To see something that used to just be a big ball of yarn, created by me, is so cool. And it’s really hard to snack mindlessly when you’ve got knitting needles in your hands!

I’m actually really looking forward to WI this Saturday. I had a small gain last week and was totally expecting it. But I have been really on plan so far this week. I even resisted the cinnamon rolls in the teachers lounge today! I’ve been taking it a little easier workout-wise, but I find that sometimes my body needs that to produce a bigger loss. I’m really trying to get out of the habit of weighing daily (or multiple times a day) but I like to know where I stand on a regular basis. And lately, it’s been working. Also, I do my grocery shopping on Saturday afternoons after WI, so I find it much less likely to buy junk when I’m in a WW state of mind.

What helps you stay on track during the week?

Today’s Mileage: 3.1
Time: 35:48
Average Pace: 11:30 (including a walking warmup)
Calories: 465

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