I’m back, baby!

Apparently Spring Break meant a break from everything productive (except WW, of course!) I took a mini-vacation to Springfield to stay with the BF for a few days, and got in a couple of good runs in the process. I also walked around downtown for a couple hours one day.

I took the train home Thursday morning – and got in lots of knitting on the way. I’ll try my best to post some new knitting pictures later in the week – I’ve been a busy gal. It was so nice to have a few hours to relax and NOT drive the 3 hours for once.

Friday mom and I drove up to Aurora for some outlet mall shopping, and I got a couple great things. An adorable skirt from Liz Claiborne, two pairs of Bermuda shorts from the Gap (only $18!!!) and a couple outfits for my new nephew, Kenneth Jacob, who was born last Monday!

I somehow woke up early and made it to the 8:30 am WW meeting – and gained .8 lbs. But I’m ok with that. Just more motivation to work extra hard this week!

Saturday was another day with mom, spent at a craft fair (didn’t buy anything, but got some inspiration) and grilling for dinner. Sunday we hit up the first Beverly Yarn Festival, hosted by My Sisters Knits. I didn’t buy anything there either (yarn averaged about $25 a skein) but saw some gorgeous hand dyed and hand spun yarns and, again, got more inspiration. I think there will be lots and lots of knitting going on this summer!

It’s back to work today, and back to the regular routine. I’ve got my gym back in the car, ready for my first workout since Tuesday (hey, I’ve been walking a lot!) And now it’s time to teach my first lesson of the day!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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