Pick a little, talk a little

So it’s been a laid-back, take it easy kind of week. After my race Sunday my muscles were pretty sore (like after all races) and I knew I wouldn’t be working out as hard. I didn’t think that would mean not at all. I did make it in Tuesday, if only to keep my appointment with Melissa, my trainer. And yes, I do think it’s funny and ironic that we share the same name. I should write “Appt. w/Melissa” everyday on my calendar. So anywho, I didn’t really run at all until this morning.  The Nike+ was acting up, so I have no idea what my exact pace or mileage was, but I ran for about 40:00.

Weigh-in was also this morning, and I lost a whopping 4 lbs! Granted, 3.8 of those I had gained in the past two weeks, but I came out .2 ahead. And have hit my lowest weight in over 6 years! Also, a friend from work and previous WW-er rejoined with me today. And we have a date to go walking together in the morning. I am so happy to me making new friends and inspiring others to start their own WLJ.

Knitting wise, I was also lazy this week. But if you remember, my biggest project right now is a baby blanket. And that baby is due to be born in the next week or two. So my goal for the weekend is to finish it.

Todays run: unkown mileage, 40:00
Average pace: unknown
APs earned: 4

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