Short post today. I had planned on hitting the gym and running/strength training, but after some though I figured it was more important to get in some solid outdoor runs in preparation for the Shuffle on Sunday. After work I changed into my running gear and laced up – only to find that my headphones had crapper out on me! I just used the speaker on my iPhone, which got a few funny looks from dog walkers. I aimed for 3.5 mikes today, which I completed. I did walk more that I'd like to admit, but Monday runs are always sluggish.
I must say, running on my own, off the treadmill, is so freeing. When I'm on the mill I feel locked into a certain pace, and the scenery is not so exciting to look at (usually). But outside it's just me, the pavement, and fresh air – one thing lacking at the gym. I felt so refreshed after today's run it was like waking up from a nap. Just with sore legs.
Also, got some new earbuds from Target. They're the basic ones from skullcandy. I really loved my old Nike vapors, but I also didn't want to spend $30 on headphones. I'll be testing them tomorrow at the gym.

Today's mileage: 3.61 miles
Time: 44:18
Average pace: 12:15. Not so hot, but I did make three trips to bring in the garbage cans with the Nike+ still running.

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